Conduction Chapmion?

Hey all,

Recently Troy has been showing a lot of love for conduction in his discussions on the Troy & Jerry Think Dank, which got me thinking:

What is the best conduction vape that enthusiasts that don't hate on conduction use?

Troy has said on a few occasions that the DaVinci IQ is one of his favorite conduction vapes, but when it came out, he also gave a favorable review of the Xvape Aria (mainly for CBD.) I'd really like to know which one of them he likes better overall. And yes, I know there is a hefty difference in price ;)

If the IQ is actually top dog, are the improvements to the IQ2 now worth it?

I've read a lot about how the IQ is a high maintenance vape, but is the IQ2 the same in that regard?

What are y'all's top choice for portable conduction vape (not hybrid)?

Troy, do you still use the Aria for CBD seshing, or is one of your higher end vapes winning the reach test?

My TinyMight already lives as king on the straight fab, so I'd love to hear opinions on the best conduction vapes hit natively without a water tool. Feel free to talk about your choice's Vape Signature too, I loved that sesh!



  • I still grab the aria and use it for cbd. the reasoning isn't completely clear though...

    it's a nice little vape

    i prefer conduction for CBD

    and I don't want to dedicate my IQ or IQ2 to CBD :)

    In my experience, the IQ and IQ2 have identical vapor. The 2 is a nicer device with some improved mechanics and upgraded features. If money is an issue, you won't miss the IQ2 upgrades. Save your money and get the regular IQ.

    I go over the iq2 vs iq in this video:

  • The IQ, my first vape, is great but wants you to clean it regularly because not doing so effects performance and flavor even with the nicest produce. The inbuilt heat settings suit all users. I still love the IQ but find myself reaching for the Simrell vortex and the Sticky Brick for ease of use and heightened effect. The feature I consider to be a real improvement with IQ2 is the design of the flavor chamber as it makes cleaning it a lot easier, however, would recommend the IQ but with a sleeve as it can sometimes be too hot to handle.

  • I've just got myself an IQ. It's fiddly and annoying. It has parts that easily fall out and roll away. The stirring tool is clearly stored on the wrong end WTF? It also gets super hot.

    Having said that, the flavor is great. It holds plenty of weed :) and gets me super baked. It's also very stealthy and pocket friendly. Overall I like it but I find the design frustrating.

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