SSV43 Symphony: Glass Bead Vape Mod for the Silver Surfer



  • I’ve been using the 3mm borosilicate. Works well but my temp has to be set closer to 1 to get the massive clouds. I used 200 of the 3 mm balls. Any suggestions ? I know @troy said to keep the balls tight, any suggestions? Thanks everyone

  • You may need to pull the rod out a little bit, if its not fully extended. Or it's possible you have too many balls and the balls closest to the screen are cooling the air instead of heating.

  • rod meaning the ceramic heating thing ? ok ill check it out, it might be too many balls cuz it is close to the screen but i also notice they move a little when i draw. have u tried putting the balls in your herborizer thru the little holes in the glass ?

  • The height of the ceramic heater rod massively changes how hot the vape is! Mine is currently set at 9 o clock, but when I raise the rod it starts hitting at 2 o clock. Wanna keep those temps down

  • Yes, I suggest only to use natural quartz and take some time to locate quality quartz crystals.

    Quartz amplifies energy and vibrations of other so be careful who you medicate with and allow to connect with your energy.

  • i must be missing something, how do u raise the ceramic heater ? also what screen did you use for the top part where the wand meets the glass ?

  • hey Troy I must be missing something, how do you extend / pull the rod out a little bit ? also any suggestions on how to get the balls tight or where to get the screen you are using for the top part? Currently i'm using the same bucket screen as u on the side whole but on the top i'm using a larger bucket screen I got from the ame site you referred us to, it works but i don't think it is sitting far enough back to keep the glass balls from coming around the curve l too much. Maybe I need to use the screen you are using but i didn't see those for sale on his site only the bucket screens.

  • i'm really not sure about adjusting the rod, as I've never done it.

    I know @StickyBrickLabs and @emilythemartian both needed to adjust their rod. @who_is_nate may have as well. He'll definitely have more screen advice too.

    for the top screen, it helped me to tilt the vape back and put more balls in. the screen is domed and sort of taco/teardrop. the screen wouldn't hold in place in the glass if it weren't for the backpressure of all the balls holding it in place

  • My SSV is an older one and the heating road moves easily. You can move yours too by pushing it up and down, it'll just be locked tighter into the base.

    I use the concentrate pad from the Volcano, cut so that it fits. It feels much safe than a flimsy screen, it sort of fills the little space before the end of the heater cover.

  • Anyone think of using Titanium Beads instead of glass, just a thought. I run a Ditanium and it’s made of Titanium so I don’t see it being an issue. Any thoughts on this?

  • I haven't tried Ti, but I tried SS and it tasted awful :(

  • Da Buddha 43 Findings:

    Hey y’all just wanted to throw my two cents in here because I think some may find it helpful if they are considering this mod and may save them some money and heartache. Basically this is going to be my findings and some tips to avoid mistakes I’ve made. So I was inspired by Troy’s SSV43 but I’m a cheap a$$ and I didn’t care about having the extra bells and whistles of the SSV so I opted to by a Da Buddha instead to save 70-80 bucks.

    Problem number 1:

    the DBA is not just the no bells and whistles version of the SSV it’s really a different vape with different dimensions. Namely, the glass heat cover is much smaller than the SSV. The airflow hole is also tiny as opposed to the larger hole on the SSV. So I was able to make some makeshift screens out of the included DBA screens (airflow hole) and some 1 inch screens (main hole) from Delta 3D. Then we come to the name of the game here “the balls”.

    Problem 2: The Balls

    Again my cheapie ways were a bad idea. I bought supposedly borosilicate glass beads off amazon and they didn’t hold up (more on that later). What’s worse I was going off the recommendation of the 3mm spheres based on Troy’s guide (I think he said that anyway lol) (also this isn’t me blaming Troy for anything) and they didn’t fit right in the DBA. If you are going to try this with a DBA use 2 or 2.5 mm beads/beads/balls. What I was able to do was get them around the top part of the rod and the top part of the heater cover and then close it all up with the screens. The results? The first rip was SSV43 like. It wasn’t as insane as the clouds I’ve seen Troy blowing but still a big lung full and really tasty dense enough vapor. I experimented with that for a bit but ultimately was left wanting because I knew I had the wrong size balls to be getting the full effect and the second and third draws were not nearly at all like the first and by the end my bowl was tanned slightly and was not at all even half way extracted. I don’t live in a legal state and I value being able to get the most out of my bud so that was a big drawback for me. And also led to...

    Problem 3: Shattered Glass and Broken Memes

    At that point I decided it was best to disassemble my DBA43 and try and order better smaller balls and try again. Well when I went to remove them I figured out I had some balls fused to the rod. Not a surprise I had seen others with that problem and to my understanding they just kinda came off deformed but fine ie not breaking. Well a few were packed in too tight and holding the heater cover on so I was forced to use a metal wire bottle brush to get in their and get them off and in the process they broke off from the rod. Not just came off but broke off. So then I had glass fragments to deal with and it was a whole mess. You do NOT want to have to deal with this. I could have broken the glass heater cover too if I had not been ultra careful.

    Final thoughts and a question:

    So I would say to those out there reading this forum and thinking well I’m inventive I can just take a Da Buddha and make it work for this mod and while I think you still can take my advice and don’t make these mistakes I’ve outlined here. Get 2-2.5mm high quality balls to work with and know it’s going to be more challenging than if you just had a SSV and could follow Troy’s guide step by step. Side note now that I’m just using the Da Buddha stock and using it the way you kinda have to use it to make it work I quite like it! It’s more on the Jerry style of Chiefing on a vape low and slow but the vapor you get is good and extracts well. Then my question is if anyone else on here has done this mod successfully with the Da Buddha what spheres did you buy and where did you get them? Hopefully one or some of you found this interesting or helpful.

  • Oh shit, that's great to know. Sounds like the DBV is a different animal when it comes to the mod, I'll make sure the SSV43 mod page gets updated with this info - thank you so much @cloudmage !

  • So just to confirm... you lowered your heater rod and it helped the vape get hotter? And this resulted in you being able to turn your vape down to 9 o'clock? Interesting! I would think lowering it would make it cooler? Is this in the og ssv or the ssv2?

  • No problem Troy! I just figured I’ve already payed the price so to speak might as well save some others some hassle.

  • I wish more people in the world held this life philosophy. Too many see it as a zero sum game and if they lost money on something, everyone else should lose too.

    Thanks for being a good human!

  • @Troy any update on the diy heavy hitter with @StickyBrickLabs? I know this might not be the thread for this question so sorry if it bothers anyone.

  • So I've been using my DBV43 occasionally and still loving it! I love that this mod gave it new life as I was considering selling it before this.

    I just wanted to report that I have a different experience to @cloudmage. I think it could do with the difference in our heater rod levels or something? But I actually changed my 2mm glass beads to 4mm quartz beads because I was still scared of getting fused beads! It was a challenge to allow some beads to get down the neck of the heater cover whilst having the ceramic heater rod centered since the beads would push it out of place but with some trial and error it worked out.

    Now I'm finding it still hits just as hard with the added advantage of better airflow. I'm leaving my dial at the 9am mark and getting dark brown ABV. Extracting full loads in two hits, one big massive hit then a small wispy one to finish it off after a stir.

    I still don't think I'm entirely happy though as the quartz beads I'm using are jewellery store beads and though none have cracked from the heat or left any sort of quartz dust behind that I've noticed (pulled the heater cover twice so far, with a couple weeks in between), I'd still like to put something better in there.

    Now... for those that are willing the shell out the extra cash I've found this company are offering 3mm terp pearls made of real lab grown ruby in packs of 100 but they're at a hefty price of $75 per 100 pack. Seems like people at Fuck Combustion forums have used ruby terp pearls with success in vapes and there's even a desktop vape utilizing them in development in the Up and Coming section.

  • Sorry for the double post! I typed out that whole message and forgot to leave the link. 😅

  • I’d be interested in the link to those ruby terp pearls 👀.

  • I am new to desktop vapes and have only used portables so far. Would the SSV43 be a good place to start? I am fairly hesistant with reports of dust/explosions/cracks/microscratches. Could a user who has been using the SSV43 with success without any issues provide a link to where they got their beads/pearls?

    Thank You!

  • no one has reported dust/explosions/microscratches.

    as far as I know there's been one case of a cracked heater cover and it was the wrong type of heater cover for a super silver surfer.

  • So my DBV43 has been combusting on lowest temp I can set it to, any advice on how I can get the power even lower? After 7 years of ownership I'm starting the rheostat is starting to mess up.

  • Has anyone tried putting balls in the super sufer 2 ?

  • So I sorted out my combustion issue! Bought a dimmer switch repair kit from Elev8 glass and got to surgery on my Da Buddha. Anyway, it's back in business and providing instant milky hits! It's insane how quick it milks up glass, the only thing that I've seen comparable to it is the Supreme vaporizer.

    I replaced the quartz beads in my Da Buddha with 3mm ruby terp pearls. I bought them off Alibaba on the recommendation of a user off Reddit. Here's the link if anyone's interested:

    The 3mm pearls are only $2.30 USD per hundred. The shipping was about $30USD though as they're only shipping express during the pandemic. Arrived in just over a week which surprised me.

  • Hi Just wanted to make a PSA that with the ball mod, the SuSV2 hits like a train, but the fan is too piss weak to push any air through. Admittedly, the fan is already too weak to compete with the volc to begin with, the quiet running is a major tradeoff of a fan over an air pump.

    The susv heater sticks up a little further than the ssv, so I pushed it down a little because it was combusting anywhere over 1/4 on the dial. I can always take out the beads in 2 minutes if I want to convert back to bags, but the bag system is so overconvoluted and disappointingly slow that Im not sure when I'd bother. Im still glad I got the susv over the hybrid but im severely let down by the bag fan and also by the custom glass which came with it which is sub-par even by chinaglass standards. Also dont even bother with the essential oil kit, its clearly obvious why they discounted it from $125 to $25.

    Moral of the story is get an ssv if you want to do this mod.

  • That is exactly how my entry into the world of medical marijuana will begin, hopefully next year (curse you, covid-19!!). CBD, even THC, has always worked better than the medication I was on years ago, which seemed to "weird" me out and while they may have helped somewhat in the short term, I came to the conclusion they weren't a long term solution for my anxiety issues.

  • Aloha Troy

    I already have a beatup old desktop and was thinking to try something similar. So I'm looking down the maw of my EQ and thinking "I could put a false floor in there at the cross brace and fill er' up with beads rubies whatever. " My hesitation though is the beads would be outside the 18mm joint surrounding the quartz heater. Do you think this might work? My hope is that because the heater diameter is much larger than the SSV, and close to filling the inside of the joint it will conduct enough heat to the beads. Mahalo!

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