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Looking to get a vaporizer for dry herb. I've been watching tons of videos on utube and 420 has the best ones on youtube. Very detailed and honest and I have learned a bunch, I'm new to it all.. I only want to vape at night 3-4 hits and that's it, (for now) . I am liking the Ghost MV1 because if I understand it right I can pack it vape a few times shut it off and pick it up again the next day and do the same and my herb will still be good to go. The multiple reviews for this unit are positive. I went to Ghost website and they are sold out, any other sites that are reputable that I can trust to order from? Any advice would be great, thanks in advance.



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    @seaham358 unfortunately Ghost went out of business around a month ago (maybe a lil longer). You can still find them around, but I would advise against grabbing one, because they were known to fail. When they were still open the customer service was great, but now its sadly non existent, which makes getting an MV1 a bit of a gamble.

    The Dynavap is a good vape for just taking a couple of hits, I generally finish a bowl in one session since it has such a small load size, but you could in theory hit it and come back to it later. there are a number of other on demand vapes that may fit your needs, but I would suggest seeing what other vapes catch your eye and we can steer you in the right direction from there.

  • Thanks for the info.. Ya I read the article on this site about 30 min after I posted this and say that Ghost is probably done. Any suggestions for a "on demand" vape would be great. Thanks for the info. I'll keep looking and check out the Dynavap.

  • Take a look at the Sticky Brick Runt also. a lot of versatility, on demand cause its torch driven, tons of flavor and effect.

  • Try a Dynavap vapcap M if you're cool with the flame. Great for taking a couple of puffs and then putting down cause it only has a tiny bowl.

  • Lotta love for the Sticky Bricks

  • Dynavap's & Sticky Bricks. A 2020 M and a SB Runt are my daily drivers and I love 'em!

  • I’m a newbie too and also required a on demand vape. Knowing what I know now, I would go straight to the Vortex with ti tip. Check out

    oh, and you’re going to need a good lighter. My fav, just delivered yesterday, is by far The Scorch Torch! This flame took my M to a new level. Im still waiting on my Simrell Vortex, but that stem will give me the very best Dynavap possible. Good luck!

    If you only take a few hits a night then the Sticky Brick/Runt May be too much for you. I’ve never tried one, but from what I understand, they get you high as fuck! Like maybe you can’t function around the house or family high.

    Good Luck!

  • @david0408 Beleive it or not you can actually load a very small amount in your brick (less than a standard size dyna bowl if you want). They are very capable of getting you high AF, but they are also very capable of being a very chill, relaxed vape. It is all really in the hands of the operator. Because of it's manual nature it's not always the vape I choose to suggest first for a new comer, but if they are up to learning the device, a sticky brick is a fantastic option for exactly the use case he is describing.

  • I am with @Southie on this one.

    Sticky Bricks and Vapcaps are both wonderful options for on-demand use.

    Each will last you forever and are top-of-class for vapor quality and flavor.

    If you would rather have electric on-demand, your options will make some compromises...

    The Vleaf Go is $70 and is great at microdosing and perfect for 2 or 3 hits. It's bowl size is very small though and can only vape .08 at a time.

    The Tetra P80 and TinyMight both have on-demand operation (as well as session)

    Both are "artisinal" vapes though. You may have to wait a few weeks or months to get one.

  • Great, now I have to buy a Runt! Thanks a lot guys!

  • HAHAHA.... You won't be disappointed

  • Thanks for the info...

    Troy, I watched your vid on the Vleaf go and a few others on the net. I definitely wanted electric for ease of use and easy to blend in if I ever take it on the go. I ordered the Vleaf go and it showed up quickly and I have to say it is a cool vap. It is easy to operate and I can use what I want and not have to vap the whole bowl, which is exactly what I was looking for. The herb has a nice/odd flavor and there is next to no smell from the vap, another win. Again I am brand new to this and have been watching a ton of videos and I'm think about a mini bong will be my next purchase. I picked up a Kozo grinder and it seems to work very well. It has teeth like a Schredder, but does not cost as much. I figured it would be a good starting point for me. Thanks again everyone.

  • I’m a long time vape user and buyer, all the usual The vleaf Go on a whim at a local shop figuring it would be terrible but I’m actually super impressed , got every available spare part and still under $100 out the door

  • Yeah, my Vleaf shipped yesterday. Looking forward to trying it out.

  • @david0408 Do you love it? (for the next newbie)

    I love mine! Not as a daily driver (I have a Mighty, a Brick, a DynaVap), but for me it's great for walks, and I think it's a great first vape experience for the money if you want a battery vape.

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