Low draw length vapes

I had some pleural cavity surgery several years ago, and ever since have had low lung capacity. I'm in the market for a on-demand convection vape unit, and it seems many reviews leave out the draw length time requirements.

I'm interested to hear recommendations for vapes that are good for short draw times.

Thanks everyone!


  • You don't want an on demand convection vape. You want a mighty/crafty+ for easier and shorter hits that pack a punch for an electronic vape. 2 to 5 second hits is all you'll need for clouds. A convection vape will be better in the 10 to 15 seconds range of inhaling.

    Look into a sticky brick. Read my review on it. I take 4 to 6 sec inhales with my 4 outlet torch. Two hits does a half bowl. Bigger clouds than you can imagine. You can take baby hits too if you want. Your friends will pick it up and do it right on the first try once you show them and give them a fresh bowl. I have very sensitive lungs and this one has very cold vapor and the turps aren't too bright so it's very comfortable for such people. Less coughing, smoothness, and such. Wind is your enemy, but well worth it. So if on demand is necessary then this is it. Watch Troy's video on how to use it and you'll be fine.

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