First Vaporizer Recommendation for 72-Year Old Non-Tech Savvy Dad

Hello all,

While I am a vaporizer collector to a sick degree and although I know what I love, I need to purchase a strictly dry flower vaporizer for my dad, who is turning 72 and who recently has begun having some chronic foot pain. I have gone to see him and taken my Mighty, and he has been very pleased with that. But, I don't want to buy him a Mighty because frankly, I don't think he will be very good at taking care of it and cleaning it properly, and it's too expensive to end up trashed.

I'm looking for something that is simple to load and operate. Also, because he doesn't see well, I'm hoping for something that isn't tiny to the point that he has trouble seeing what he is doing. He's not going to be taking it anywhere, but I still would like to go portable for the ease of use. My budget is not necessarily limited, but again, because this is his first device and I don't know if he is going to even be comfortable using it without my being there, simplicity is key. Obviously I would like to preserve flavor and would like something that won't burn his throat, but also that doesn't require water for a smooth vaping experience. I welcome your suggestions, and, of course, Troy I would love to hear from you on this topic.

While these forums often address first-timers, I would like to address first-timers that are SENIORS, which I think is a category that should stand by itself.



  • This is a scenario where you want something really easy and reliable. It also needs to be easy to fill for clumsy fingers. A device that just works, every time. The Mighty, if within your budget, seems like a good match. While it requires some cleaning you can't really trash it from use. It can always be cleaned up even when not maintained for a long time. With the filling tool some find dosing caps easier to deal with than stem or bowl pack devices.

    Something from the Fury family (Fury 2, Fury Edge, POTV One) or an Arizer Solo 2 would also work but the tighter draw might be an issue. I'm no expert but I'm probably closer to your dad's age than yours so can relate to the issues of crappy eye sight and stiff fingers 😀.

  • Thank you badbee for your commentary. I have been collaborating also with Larry from Planet of the Vapes, and he has strongly endorsed the Solo II and I think I agree. I have the mighty and since I know my dad is not going to load dosing capsules, I'm afraid it will get too gunked up too quickly, especially because I'm going to make sure he's using top-quality flower. With my Mighty, I've recently adopted the approach that I'll do periodic minor cleaning, but once it gets to the point of needed a deep cleaning, I toss it and bought a 3-pack for $60. 3 of them should last me over a year, but might only last him a month if he isn't good with the cleaning. There is no amount of money I would not spend on a vaporizer for my dad. The things he has done for me throughout my life are so meaningful to me that nothing is out of bounds. I just want to better his daily living, and right now, he's in pain, and he's essentially confined to his home and very bored during the Pandemic.

    I'm still interested in opinions. Badbee had some good ones. The decision is not yet etched in stone. Troy I'd love to hear from you.

  • If you go over to you'll find many older vaporists who can provide you with advice. Troy, I hope you'll forgive me for the link to another forum.

    EsquireSap, you're a good man for looking after your Dad :)

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