Do you prefer "Vaping concentrates" or "dabbing"

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The difference being in the intensity of the effects and experience.

Vaping concentrates: using a device that vaporizes slowly, gently, with multiple inhales

Dabbing: using a device that vaporizes quickly, with one or two high impact inhales



  • While I can see a reason for both usages I tend to lean towards dabbing. I like to use concentrates in addition to my herb. Generally I'll vape a bowl, and then have a dab for dessert to put me over the top.

  • I prefer dabbing on the RIO and Dry herb in a Vape. Vaping concentrates in my vaporizers tends to lead to excess residue in chamber, which turns to a burnt taste, if not cleaned right away

  • I figured many of us would be more of the fundamentalist "dabbing"

    There has to be people out there who just want to casually vape their wax though...

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    My girlfriend tends to prefer a more relaxed concentrate experience. she prefers the terp pen or very small dabs

  • Ahh that's cool.

    Is the Terp Pen more of a "dab" or is it closer to vaping concentrates?

    casual dabs?

  • I live in a state that is not so friendly with THC, especially concentrates(instant felony). So I rarely come across it and it's not worth it to have a dedicated dab rig. When I can get my hands on it, I definitely enjoy making concentrate sandwiches with bud and kief though! Packs an extra punch and makes my vape last twice as long.

  • Concentrate vaper here. Have to keep the profile low at home, so no muss no fuss. I can only hope that combining concentrates with flower gets into the similar, if inferior orbit to a true dab.

    SAI/TAF. Couldn't get used to the slow/light draw on the terp pen.

  • My gf loves the boundless terp pen. For myself, I prefer a dab rig. I only do concentrates when I want to be on another planet, so I go big 😁

  • I prefer to dab on my Rio. Its always on my desk!!😎

  • I don't have much experience with concentrates yet but I've been around the world in terms of trying vape pens, atomizers, etc. to get the experience I wanted from the concentrates I acquired. I didn't try concentrates with a torch (except DynaCoil) until I recently got the Rio.

    To me, all the vape pens, including the Terp Pen, are "vaping concentrates." A beefier setup with more battery like a Sai, DT, Molecule22 is still "vaping concentrates" to me when using dishes, a bit less so with big coils. The DaBox with beefy coils and a unregulated 40 watts can generate a quick hard hit but it still seems like "vaping concentrates" to me in the end.

    I haven't tried anything like the Peak, Carta, Oura, etc. but imagine I would still see them as "vaping concentrates." I imagine the coils being similar to the DaBox Pro dish coil, but I'm not sure.

    When I got the Rio and had the very analog experience of controlling torch strength, being able to see the material react to the flame and air, being able to manipulate a carb cap -- to me this is DABBING versus "vaping concentrates" although it's in disagreement with Troy's definition.

    At first I hated the idea of "low temp dabbing" and I'd be cool with a different name if one would stick, because I thought the intense hit at higher heat was the point of "dabbing" in the first place. But whatever it is I can accomplish with a glass rig/torch at low temps is NOT "vaping concentrates" in the sense that any of my battery devices can accomplish it. Consistent battery current to a heating chamber is just that -- consistent, but a flame applied at varying strength to a (likely) larger area of glass, with "fluidity" in the reaction seems so much more organic and satisfying to me. Even if I take a tiny low temp hit in a glass rig, it's so nice with the extended air path and the way a banger heats versus a coil/dish atomizer!

    So, I don't prefer "vaping concentrates" or "dabbing"? :)

  • Rather than edit, I'll comment: I'm not sure what kind of experience the DynaCoil is compared to anything else I described above. It's analog for sure, but in a "all in" kind of way, and isn't to me like "vaping concentrates", "dabbing", or "low temp dabbing." :)

  • I need to upgrade from the SAI/TAF and Terp Pen - while both are great I think i've out grown them both...or atleast in the SAI/TAF - I've outgrown the bucket coil and need something just hard hitting.

    I ordered a bunch of dab stuff from DH Gate a few weeks ago (recycler, cabs, etc) so as soon as that stuff arrives I'll be ready to take big boy dabs.

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