Puffco Peak Pro?

I just saw the press release on this. Of course, I just paid $300 for my Peak 3 months ago and now for $100 more Puffco claims that they have developed the ultimate device. Troy - do you know anything about this aside from the Press Release?

I can see that the atomizers are completely different. Although the Peak's biggest downfall is the atomizer and how fragile it is, I have already purchased replacement equipment from Mr. Bonsai, and I have to say that for around $10 instead of $39 that Puffco charges for a new atomizer, even someone without skills can follow Bonsai's video and replace the ceramic heater with one that is much better and burns hotter.

That said, I'm still curious to see what the Peak Pro is all about.


  • I don't know much about it, but it sounds promising!

    I pre-ordered one and I will make content the day it arrives!

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