Nightmares about CCDs

I recently learned from my last post that using two condensers can help get the screen in. It helps, however i still can't get it in the grooves for the life of me. I can get it right under the groove using that technique, which is better than smashed all the way down. Any and all suggestions appreciated, thanks. As for the foreseeable future i will be mastering the dynacoil


  • Sometimes I'll be sure it's in then i shake it and the screens comes out

  • I always re-flatted them after a clean and smash it all the way down. With it in the grooves it seems to gunk up more under the ccd on the lip that I smash it down on. I thought the adjustable screen was a big selling point for me but after about a week of having I just smash it down all the way and fill the oven with as little or full as I'm feeling.

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