Volcano Hybrid filling chamber recall - New filling chamber entirely aluminum?

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I recently had an order from S&B arrive with the filling valve fix for the aluminum dust issue. The fix was pretty straightforward and had you remove the aluminum component from both the filling valve and actual Volcano screen, with the new pieces being ceramic covered aluminum. I also received a new filling chamber, I figured why not and it's good to have an extra. Now my issue is... the new filling chamber I received looks exactly like the old aluminum one. I actually pulled the old one out of the trash and it's exactly the same as this brand new filling chamber. Checked their website and the filling chamber pics show a ceramic chamber, not the aluminum one sent.


For those who haven't bothered fixing their units yet, check them out. Rub your finger along the aluminum on the filling chamber and see how much aluminum dust has been collecting. I didn't think it'd be much of an issue but there was actually a ton gathering over time. It's an easy enough fix that's free and should spare your lungs some harm over time.

Here's a pic of the brand new one I received from from S&B, and my older filling chamber with the ceramic covered aluminum. https://imgur.com/a/DHAv54v


  • Sounds like they slacked off and sent an extra aluminum chamber. I assume you purchased an extra chamber?

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