Volcano Hybrid filling chamber recall - New filling chamber entirely aluminum?

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I recently had an order from S&B arrive with the filling valve fix for the aluminum dust issue. The fix was pretty straightforward and had you remove the aluminum component from both the filling valve and actual Volcano screen, with the new pieces being ceramic covered aluminum. I also received a new filling chamber, I figured why not and it's good to have an extra. Now my issue is... the new filling chamber I received looks exactly like the old aluminum one. I actually pulled the old one out of the trash and it's exactly the same as this brand new filling chamber. Checked their website and the filling chamber pics show a ceramic chamber, not the aluminum one sent.


For those who haven't bothered fixing their units yet, check them out. Rub your finger along the aluminum on the filling chamber and see how much aluminum dust has been collecting. I didn't think it'd be much of an issue but there was actually a ton gathering over time. It's an easy enough fix that's free and should spare your lungs some harm over time.

Here's a pic of the brand new one I received from from S&B, and my older filling chamber with the ceramic covered aluminum. https://imgur.com/a/DHAv54v


  • Sounds like they slacked off and sent an extra aluminum chamber. I assume you purchased an extra chamber?

  • Hey Troy, I wasn’t one of the ones that signed up before the recall. I only found out by your video on the issue. I e seen you recommend a few times to contact Storz & Bickel and put a request in. I did that back around February and never heard anything back. I emailed them again a couple weeks back and have yet to hear anything. I realize you probably don’t know, but I thought it’s worth a ask, is there anything that you know of going on with any of this recall stuff? Have they cancelled it or decided to do something different completely? To my understanding of your video, you said they just send you a new chamber and the other price to change out and it’s good to go. Just not sure what I’m doing wrong? Any and all information is greatly appreciated! You are highly appreciated in this community and help so many people. I can’t thank you enough for how much you’ve helped me.

  • I think they are just under some pressure because of current measures, and their branch in USA had to temporarily close as a result.

    It says it on a big banner at the top of the USA site, and to expect "delays in processing your inquiries" , are you writing from USA?

    I happen to know they had two email addresses for the different regions info@storz-bickel.com is for EU, and oakland@storz-bickel.com might be the one for America if I'm not completely wrong. Maybe try the other email? Or try a telephone call to Germany?

    I ordered Hybrid accessories last Thursday 4th June and they got here the next Tuesday 9th, about 5 days later but I've heard of delays with sales and inquiries up to 30 days recently from some overseas customers. Hope you get it worked out soon, the new parts work like a dream and I'm extremely happy with performance from my new Hybrid that came with the revised parts onboard!!

  • Also, in case you completely missed it, from the support section, here is the official link where you register your claim for the updated parts as a buyer of the OG unit and this is on the USA website so other markets might need to find the same link in the support section of the EU website. https://www.storz-bickel.com/en-us/vh-filling-chamber-service

    That might get you better results in these times rather than simply mailing them questions? Hopefully anyway!

  • Thanks so much for all the information! I am really new to all of this, so sometimes it’s a little more confusing for me. I didn’t know if the other email for the Oakland address. I’ll try that as well. As for doing my claim, I should have mentioned, I did file the claim about 3-4 months ago. Feb or March if I recall (time goes so fast), but after doing that and not hearing I tried to reach out again maybe about a month or so ago. I’ll try to call the number to the Germany location as well. I am in the US, but my state isn’t on board with anything at all. I think we finally are suppose to see medical at some point and now I’m hearing it’s only like lotions and creams, etc...extremely disappointing. Regardless, thank you again for reaching out and offering some insight! It’s appreciated!

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