How to move Ghost MV1 app to new iPhone

I would like to share the following with other Ghost MV1 users who have the app working on an old iPhone, and wish to move it to a new one.

Despite Apple removing the app some 18 months ago, yes, it is possible to move the app to a new iPhone.

First, you absolutely have to meet these conditions:

- You already have the app on an old iPhone, which is activated against your Apple ID - the same ID as you will use on your new iPhone (critical!)

- The App has to have been activated in the first place - as in you signed in with a user ID and password. (also critical!!)

If you do have the app on an old iPhone, working as above, then it is possible to move it to a new iPhone. I moved mine from my IPhone X to a new iPhone 12 Pro and now have the Ghost MV1 paired to my new iPhone 12 Pro.

Here's how. I used a Mac running Catalana 10.15.7, both iPhones were on iOS 14.1

Install iMazing on your Mac (or hopefully PC too).

Backup your old iPhone in iMazing.

In iMazing, with your phone connected by cable, click on Apps, Manage Apps, then the Library tab and find the Ghost app in the list.

Click on the Ghost app in iMazing. under the Library tab. From the drop-down, click Export .IPA

Save this IPA file somewhere safe. It is gold. From Device tab, use the same drop down, but this time, click Backup App Data. Let it Backup and Extract App Data (default). Save that file somewhere safe too. I didn't use it, but it seems prudent.

Again with your old iPhone, use Music (formerly iTunes), to backup the phone locally - NOT to iCloud. Make sure you encrypt the backup (critical!) and remember the password (you can retrieve from KeyChain if you forget).

When you have the backup, you are good to proceed. Take your brand new, shiny iPhone, all factory fresh. Boot it up, select to restore from PC or Mac. Select the most recent local backup, enter the backup password, and wait an age. If you already set it up, forget it. Reset to factory defaults and make sure you restore a full backup of your old iPhone - it's the only way!

When the new iPhone is all installed and activated, with your old apps all downloaded and installed, connect your new phone to iMazing, select Apps, Manage Apps, leave the default Device tab selected, then use the drop-down to Install .IPA File. Point the tool at your backed up Ghost IPA, let it install on the new phone. Then try to launch it.

If it launches on the new iPhone, all activated and searching for the vape, then you are going to win. IF not, well... Maybe you're screwed.

In the Ghost app, go to the old devices and unpair them in the app, then use the app to guide you through a re-pair of your Ghost MV1 (power it on, leave it in standby, press both buttons to pair, wait for the green light to flash sideways, to and fro, re-pair in the app).

Bingo, like me, you should have your Ghost MV1 paired in the Ghost app on your new iPhone running iOS 14.1 or hopefully above.

Good luck, happy vaping!


  • Thanks for the very useful information. I am one of the people that purchased this vaporizer thinking it was going to be the rage with on demand vaping and pure convection. I will say this - I purchased it when the price was down to about $150 (much cheaper than it had been) and I purchased extra capsules at a very good price, and though the company went under (and I think probably rubbed a whole lot of people the wrong way), and although Apple turned into YouTube and blocked content that is both legal and useful for those with medical issues (at the very least), the Ghost MV1 is still a quality device. It is not the most efficient in terms of consumption, but you can take some huge rips with a heat up time of less than 10 seconds, truly on demand, and it feels good in the hand. If you see this device for cheap, I still suggest it, even without the app. Truth be told, I think the preset temperatures are fine, and I really only use 2-3 of them.

    Just my two cents. Thanks again josefb79. Great step-by-step.

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