Looking to Collect/Purchase a List of Best On Demand Vaporizers

If money was not an issue, which are the best vaporizers on the market today? Areas for consideration includes but not limited to:

Potency, Vapor Quality, Draw Resistance, Efficiency, Ease of Cleaning, Ease of Setup/ Use, Battery Life (if portable), Safety

I already own a Mighty, Volcano and a variety of cheap vapes. Am new to on demand but love the concept. Am getting sick of 10-20 minute sessions.

The portable ones that I hear are must haves includes TinyMight and P80. TinyMight can still be purchased at least but I can't seem to even purchase a slot for the P80. That kinda sucks. Any other must haves?

As for desktops, I hear that Flowerpot is best? Any others?

I look forward to the valuable input from all you awesome vapers out there! I would like a collection of the absolute best, or at least be able to look at the list and dream about it! LOL


  • I have both a TinyMight and a couple Sticky Bricks (Junior and Maxx), and these are both great on-demand options.

    The TM delivers a great on-the-go experience. The Junior is portable, but that's really more relevant in transporting from point A to point B, but the portability is nice around the house. The Maxx can be carried around, but it's really best considered a desktop vape.

    The TM is an excellent, hard-hitting, convection-only, on-demand vape. But in the big picture for me, it's an also-ran to the Bricks.

  • I believe that, for on-demand, the Firefly 2+ is a very good option. Aside from the flavor being second to none, I love how straightforward the Firefly 2+ is. With the TM, there are all kinds of accessories that you will probably want to buy, and you can only buy them from TM. The Firefly 2+ has everything you'll ever need right out of the box. The only two "problems" with the Firefly are (1) it takes some technique and there is a learning curve (a quick one) to using it correctly (load, grind, tamping), and (2) as far as I know, IOS users still do not have a workaround to being able to use the app, which unlocks a lot when it comes to the Firefly 2+. I literally downloaded the app a day or two before Apple removed it from the App Store.

    This is not a device for cloud chasers. It is flavor, control, consistency (even burn) and it does VERY well for low-temperature dabbing with the included concentrate pad.

    The Firefly 2+ was the first dry herb vape that I had purchased in years since buying a Mighty. Frankly, the Mighty (while still one of the best, power hitters around) wasn't doing it for me in the flavor department. I had not used it for quite a while. Then I decided to take a stab at the Firefly 2+ and it changed everything for me. I now am back using the Mighty as well. I think the Firefly taught me a lot about vaping, which helped me to better understand the Mighty and how different vapes produce different effects.

  • I like the E-nano as a TRUE on-demand desktop. And I mean TRUE on demand because its always on 24/7 so you just walk over and take a hit. So its even more on-demand than a butane vape would be. And since its only $169 for Black Friday I think it is a really good deal.

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