G43 with rubies

@Troy thanks for ideal. I didn't really like rubies in the terp torch. It's super easy to change them. Vapecritic has videos on vapelife that shows how to take out screens and balls.



  • Tell us about how it works, how does it differ from glass beads? I have an order of these ruby beads on route from China, so maybe by Christmas...

  • it gets hotter than the glass balls so I turned the dial from 12 O'clock position to 10 O'clock. I think glass balls produce better flavor. I tried the rubies in terp torch and didn't like it. It was alot harder to dial in and flavor was different. In the G43 the rubies look cool and taste is alittle different but still harder to dial in. Imo with the glass balls it was easier to find sweet spot on dial and has a cooler flavor. I am still testing it out in G43. May try half glass and half rubies tonight. I might end up just leaving the rubies in G43 bc the rubies look better and don't look so dirty when it starts to build up.

  • Thank you for that detailed break down. Interesting that it makes some vapes overly sensitive to power levels. The higher thermal conductivity must be allowing the heat to transfer too quickly. I'll be using them for the G43 and maybe in a cooling stem for the Splinter Z (I can barely use it even with a long XL8R).

  • I'm not sure why they would be harder to dial in...

    but they definitely seem to work better and "feel hotter"

    I need to get more rubies from @StickyBrickLabs or @Monk

  • Oo yeah I wanna try rubies in my herborizer43!

  • Does anyone have a link to purchase rubies. Just converted my mod g43 to a wall g and would love to try rubies in it.

  • Cool I live Chiang Mai, Thailand very easy to get rubies here.

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