Black Friday Deals

What did you pickup during the black Friday deals, and did you remember to use Troy's affiliate links?

I was already on a bit of a buying spree since getting into the vape game. I had my EQ and Dynavap for several months before I finally gave them a real try and went to full time vaping. Since then I got a Mighty, and a Sticky Brick Runt. Along with wanting a ton of other devices. However, I held off for the Black Friday sales.

From POTV I ordered a Ditanium desktop, an Xvape Vista, and a Hydrovong. From Puff it Up I ordered a Rio Stache and some spare parts. Thanks to Troy for all the content that lead to these purchases.


  • wow thank you!!

    That's a great score too. I haven't seen my Rio in more than a month and I'm starting to really miss it =D

  • Hey Troy and all the rest of Vape enthusiasts,

    I have the pleasure to share with all of you on this black Friday the news (for most) that there's a documentary about the volcano from Storz&Bickel with the official announcement of the Mighty+ coming in 2021!

    From minute 33 on in that video Mr. Bickel himself announces the Mighty+.

    Since the first leak this year I was expecting and waiting and now the information is out 🥳

  • Nice! Yeah me too, I bought a Sticky Brick Runt, a Flowermate Slick and a Koil Boi induction heater. And now I am going to sell some of my older vapes on reddit EntXxhange. Im going to sell my Fury 2 and one of my glass OG vapcaps (I have 2).

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