Storz and Bickel posted a video to their YouTube channel on Nov. 23, 2020 commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Volcano. Markus Storz talks about his inspiration and development of the Volcano. Throughout the video, one's reminded of why vaping evolved - the use of cannabis as medicine and the importance of preventing combustion and the production of carcinogens.

Most interestingly, is the mention of the development of the Mighty + at the 33:00 mark by Jurgen Bickel....




  • Thanks for posting this! Great video and fascinating to see the evolution of the SB devices.

    Can not wait for the Mighty + however a part of me is concerned having seen the company set the bar so high...the Crafty + has commendable performance in terms of vapour quality and hits but has genuine issues with an unreliable battery and a perpetually flashing LED system that has a mind of its own...

    Troy always mentions Vape signatures and the Mighty has had such a distinct feel to it over the years I am also curious to see how that evolves :-)

  • Just an idea I came up with to limit the lost vape from my Mighty. A $9.99 CAD Camel Bak bite valve and no more lost vape!!

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