What should we be talking about that we aren't?

Hi Folks,

Long time admirer of everything 420Vapezone - right now i'm too high to remmeber if this is my first post or not 😂.

I was just curious to ask everyone who uses the forum - looking to expand my weed knowledge.

In Cannabis culture (Vape or otherwise) - what issue are we not talking about that we should be?

For example, where I live, in the UK, i think we whould be talking about the mounting public health crisis being created by our young people having to smoke Cannabis with Tobacco because the cost is so high for green (summarised well by this Leafly article - https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/a-strange-blend-why-are-europeans-mixing-cannabis-and-tobacco) - Not only a huge barrier to the growth of Vaping in europe, but also leads to a misrepresentation of Cannabis as being addictive!

Doesn't have to be that heavy of course and i'm not looking to start the discussion on it here and now - just looking for some issues that will lead me to some articles to read.

Thanks in advance if you can think of anything.


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