Where is Troy?

I haven't seen updates to the site in a while and no new videos since November. Troy are you still updating the site?


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    Troy's old channel was deleted by YouTube. If you haven't already, subscribe to his new channel, TroyTime 420, and switch on your notifications :) New things are coming!

  • I did that already. I was just wondering if he was still participating in the forums on his website. I have been watching his sessions with Jerry online, but I haven't seen any content added to this site (not just video, but anything) since November. I will continue to watch his channel.

  • I'm alive. Shits been kinda shitty since getting deleted. I took some time off to recharge and develop some new plans and visions.

    sorry for lack of updates, i'm here :)

  • No need to apologize. I'm glad you're back and re-energized. Fuck YouTube. Fuck all of the judgmental monster corporations that should be investigated and taken apart by our AG for having monopolies in their respective industries and using that power to dictate what we should and should not hear. And for anyone that might think this post sounds like it comes from a crazy conservative; I'm a bleeding heart. Right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what your political affiliations are. Rock on in 2021 Troy.

  • Thank you!!

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