In 2021 Has the Sticky Brick Jr lost some of it's gut's ?.

Ok had my eye on one of these for a few years now it's the Sticky Brick and I finally had the cash and had made the decision which one I was going to get it was the Jr all because of the lid offers a world of portability with this vape.

But when I received it it has a totally different insides to all the ones I've ever seen the metal ring from inside atp the top of the oven under the heat intake it has none now it's just gone I was wondering what's up has Sticky Brick changed without me hearing about it ? Or

Can anyone let me know if this is right or have I just got a fake or what ever so all i want to know is what's going on what's going on.

Don't want to use it incase I gotta send it back but damb I want to try it ooooo so bad.

So dose anyone know anything about this could you please let me know thank you from Nick.



  • Salut Nick,

    Je suis exactement dans même cas que toi.

    Préviens moi si tu as un retour concernant cette nouvelle version.



  • The Sticky Brick Jr has been updated to not include a metal ring. I believe Kenny spoke about it in the recent episode of One More Bowl

  • This is absolutely normal for this model, the ring in the assembly is provided for you do not have to worry!

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