Is there any episode of Troy and Jerry where they talk about the Woodscents?

What's the general verdict? Is it a good vape for the money purely based on performance or are you mostly paying for the workmanship of a non-mass-manufactured vape? Is it anywhere near the performance of the "heavies"? How does it compare to other similarly priced logs (enano, alphadog etc)? Couldn't find troy's review for it.



  • Pretty much stopped using my woodscents after I got an induction heater. It's not as strong as the heavies and I haven't used any other log vapes, so I can't give you a comparison. I prefer to vape through water and I find it awkward to put on a bong.

  • we talked about them briefly in the artisan episode, but we have more Eds TNT coming!!

  • WoodScents Log: If it’s not a ‘heavy’, then it’s a gateway. Run it at heat peak and your nearly there. The next WoodScents step in making it to the heavy stage is employing the Solo2 with either the WSArizerwpa or the WS Solo Stem. Sent edstnt a note advising that this combo for the moment has taken my evening lead. I’m callin it my “two-day-asswhooping-adaptor”. Packed a 1/2gr and... that was it. Seen the heavies, used the heavies, buying the Hot Rod heavy in part because the latest Troy clip. But, I will always have the WS Log running, (in the ready) day long. It’s all about technique in achieving the goal. I kept my tips, condensers and stems. IH and caps are boxed and shelved.

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