Disabled User - Tinymight use

I have written to tiny might 3 times with no answer yet..

My sister got me a Tinymight for Christmas but I cannot push the button fast enough to turn it on. i have Friedrichs Attixa, when I try to turn the device on I feel the vibration feedback when I push the button, and 2% of the time ill get it to on demand mode. But I want session mode. Does anyone know if it is possible or do I just throw the worthless shit away?


  • You should ask your question over on fuckcombustion.com where there are lots of TinyMight experts. Don't start with a "worthless shit" comment to get best assistance :) You can resell for almost new price over on extexchange on Reddit. Hell, for the right price I might buy it :)

    This has a reputation as a finnicky craft vape and I'm not surprised it isn't easy to use for someone with dexterity issues (not an excuse, just an observation).

  • First things first. when called the Tinymight "worthless shit" I admit i was a little frustrated... the next day I finally heard back from the Tinymight guy.. I dont know why i had not hesrd back before, but mistakes happen, it very well could have been my fault. Regardless the Tinymight guy said he understands my problem and will fix it for me.He said he (Understandably) had not thought about dexteriTy issues. So he did get back to me.

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