How can Magma Industries produce a good product but screw up their sales so BADDLY!

I am a cancer patient. Very ill. I ordered this product to ease the burning in my bronchial and make it a little easier to use the vaporizer. The address was screwed up. they sent it to an address that does not exist. Now they are doing everything they can to avoid having to do a trace the shipment or send me another unit. They have kept my money and just send me runarounds. I paid for this a month ago and still am without it. It's a great idea but does no good when they just take your money and will not deliver your product then stone wall you when you want that product you paid for. I really don't have the time or energy to be fighting with these guys as well as the multiple tumors in my bones, but I also can't afford to let them steal my money! They need to file a claim with the Post Office but this guy, Ryan Jones, is unwilling to file it and I don't know why. I can't seem contact anyone but Ryan Jones. I think he may be the only real person in the company. It is a shame to see a good product go bad because of horrible management. I am very curious as to who else has run into these problem and if it is a pattern of fraud.


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