anyone here got into the THC vaping??

If so how do you like it compared to regular smoking and do you still buy weed or just vape


  • I use Vapor Brother dry weed vaporizer. Grind your bud, put a little in the bowl, press against heating element, and enjoy. A lot healthier than regular smoking. Clean hits. Better high. Can taste each strain ie.. strawberry mamba strain tastes like strawberry.

    Also, you can save the burned weed from the bowl, save it up, and make edibles or oils with it. Double bang for the buck. Can't loose. No, I don't work for Vapor Brothers

  • I'm not very good at this topic. We sometimes add weed to our cartridges with my best friend. But I try not to abuse this substance. Besides, I've been having some health problems lately, so I want to stop vaping. Maybe I'll sell my vape on eBay, as my brother advises me. If you aren't quite sure what amount in milliliters you should add for a certain effect, you may well consult with sellers from Edmonton Alberta Dispensary before buying. I guess that professionals who understand this topic work there. I wish you good luck with THC vaping. I think I want to try it again sometime. What do you think about autistic people vaping marijuana?

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