anyone here got into the THC vaping??

If so how do you like it compared to regular smoking and do you still buy weed or just vape


  • I use Vapor Brother dry weed vaporizer. Grind your bud, put a little in the bowl, press against heating element, and enjoy. A lot healthier than regular smoking. Clean hits. Better high. Can taste each strain ie.. strawberry mamba strain tastes like strawberry.

    Also, you can save the burned weed from the bowl, save it up, and make edibles or oils with it. Double bang for the buck. Can't loose. No, I don't work for Vapor Brothers

  • Ive been vaping exclusively since about 2014. To say vaping has changed the ingestion of THC for me dramatically would be a vast understatement. The different types of highs produced by different strains at different temperatures is endless. Not to mention the hobby of collecting various vaporizers, as each has its own signature taste and ritualistic methodology. I started with butane powered Vapes and really only got into battery powered devices in the last couple of months, I used Dynavaps, Sticky Bricks, Lotus, VapMan, Vapor Genie, the Elev8R, and O’Connell dreamworks for years assuming battery powered Vapes weren’t any good. Then I got a Mighty+. Good lord. Talk about “a whole new world” from the movie Alladin. NO I’m not saying it’s better than the OG Mighty- I never had that one. I’ve got a Tiny Might on the way and a bunch of accessories. My plants are drying now, I just started a small indoor grow with lighting for the first time despite living in San Diego (always grown outdoors) and can’t wait to use this new stuff to vape the hell out of it. I’m looking for another vape to round out my arsenal and open to suggestions, and good ones. None of that BULLSHXX they peddle on TVape. Is that guy fir real?!

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