The Mighty+ Goes on sale Thursday of this week! I’m very interested in hearing any feedback.



  • I never owned a Mighty. I went to finally purchase my first Mighty from S&B and it happened tone the day the Mighty+ was released. For $50, I figured I might as well, considering I had been thinking about this purchase for months. I had only ever owned a lot of butane powered flame vaporizers like Dynavap, Sticky Bricks, Elev8R, Lotus etc. So I didn’t know what to Expect. Again, I never owned a Mighty and I know the upgrades to the Migbty+ are apparently very minimal. Charging and ceramic, I believe. That being said this device has blown me away. It charges incredibly fast with the purchased add on of their supercharger, which also allows for passthrough usage and type C charging. It cost $34 after shipping for the supercharger which for $400+ should be included standard. Not much comes with it to be honest and I spent $100 on necessity accessories, and i mean the essentials only, most of which I believe should have come with the unit.That being said, if you’ve never used a Mighty, the mighty+ is amazing:

    huge vapor production better than anything I’ve used.

    flaborful vapor

    60 second heat up time max

    is stupid easy to use.

    would I say those with a Mighty need to upgrade to a Mighty+? No, not at all. Other than charging I don’t think the differences are enough yo justify the cost. But If you’re looking to buy your first Mighty, it is definitely worth the extra $50 to get the + edition.

  • Thanks for the review. What was the shipping time from S&B?

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