Mighty+ or Zeus GTS or something else?

Hey there,

Lasy year I bought a Vap Cap, Simerell, a small battery vape which I can’t remember the name of and a Sticky Brick. I use the Sticky Brick exclusively now, but want something new. I’m a dad and have to hide when I vape so I want something fast and relatively small. I REALLY want the Mighty+ but I’m afraid that it won’t suit my needs as it’s a session vape. Can I take a couple pulls and then set it down to come back an hour or so later and take two more? Would the Zeus be better for this type of usage? I want cool vapor as we all do. My only battery vape is too hot for me. Anyway any recommendations would be appreciated. Price is not a problem for me so whatever is best. Thanks!


  • I’m getting the Mighty+! If I have to take a few more pulls than I want to at a given time then so be it.


    Get the Mighty :)

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