Troy's first grow

Final weights from my first grow.

Super Silver Haze plant #1: 5oz 2g

Super Silver Haze plant #2: 4oz 25g

White Widow #1: 2oz 14g

White Widow #2: 3oz 20g

Pictures coming



  • Great yield!

  • Looks so Dank!

  • I can smell the dank from here

  • Amazing grow

  • Wonderful yield, especially given the plant height!

    @Troy you mentioned wanting taller plants next time around... I agree they are on the shorter side and maybe that's a limitation of the light fixture... but what's there is gorgeous and for a "personal" home grower with no business intentions it's a very respectable yield and manageable size garden.

    I'm reminded of the choice to use AutoPots -- I was skeptical about it until I researched it. Other similarish systems with more bells/whistles yield more, but are a lot more work. I can see why some people would choose the simpler system, or some would choose the highest yielding system because "work" doesn't phase them.

    Lighting/environment stuff is similar. Bigger plants/"more" light (however accomplished) is fun, but it adds layers of complexity. More time and effort training, tying up heavy buds, repairing stalks and such when buds inevitably fall down anyway, more feeding, more work to ensure even light distribution and uniform temps/humidity/airflow. The bigger it is, within the spectrum of a "hobby" grow, the more chaotic it will be, especially if the individual grower is dialing in a grow space, doesn't have the benefit of repetition/experience, etc.

    I'm not at all meaning to discourage from growing bigger plants -- I'd want that too -- but without a "game change" factor to simplify it, a lot of home growers could be best off with lower intensity lights and smaller plants, and less hassle. An individual could keep your current setup as-is long term and not worry about running out of flower between harvests, you know?

  • Thanks all!

    @EarlyGirl When we were talking about height I mentioned lowering my lights in an effort to keep my height down. I was worried that a bigger stretch wouldn't be optimal.

  • 😎

    Very Nice, Congrats on the first grow Brother!! 😀

  • Looks cool, is there a review video of troy's first grow ie, how each buds look, taste, vapes etc. coming?

  • I am so happy the first grow came out great!!! the bud rot was no fun. but all and all you got some fire 🔥 grow!!

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    Will you plan to grow again or is it too much work/stress if something goes wrong?

    I remember brewing my own beer - it was fun the first couple of times, then I realised 90% of brewing is cleaning and I lost the joy for it!!

  • Oh I'm totally going to grow again! It's super rewarding both emotionally and financially!

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    I am going to giving growing a try myself see what i can do!!

  • What do you think is a good estimate for your first yield? A couple months worth? How did the total investment workout? Do you think you'll end up doing a video on the overall results? Been interested in this since early January

  • Looks like you did a great job on your training my dude! Those plants are beautiful!

  • It SHOULD be closer to a year's worth... but we all know how this equation works.

    It has paid for itself with the first yield! I've even connected with a potential buyer who said my harvest is worth 2500/lb!

  • Have you had the chance to vape any yet? Curious on how you feel the potency worked out with the different varieties you planted.

    Do you feel that you would /will do again?

  • Troy!

    Your grow is inspiring.

    Anyone here know what could be wrong with this little girl? Leaves are curling up at the edges. Internet machine says overwatering, but I'm definitely not overwatering. Ideas or suggestions?

  • I have sampled about 14g worth. Some has cured better than others. It tastes great and is more potent than I was expecting.

    I am DEFINITELY growing again, possibly even doubling down on grow capacity :)

    Thank you! Has that been outside the whole time?

    I'm not an expert, but it doesn't look like overwatering to me. It looks like it's been too hot or possibly too close to lights... but again, I'm a newb with one grow.

    @TheWarriored is my growing hero, he may be able to offer better advice

  • No. These are inside almost always. Just brought them out to get some real sun this afternoon. I'll try to give them a bit more distance from their lights. Thanks. :)

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