Your FIRST vape..still LOVE IT?

Hi Hi!

Would love to know what was the first vape u ever bought when u switched from smoking to vaping?

Is it still your fav / best n what would u buy today instead (if you had a do-over and money was no issue)?

I have shorted listed the below as my first ever vap & the 1 thing I like the most abt them (in no particular order):

  1. StickyBrick Jr (bowl use - a lil or a lot)
  2. Mighty (vape quality)
  3. Crafty+ (size)
  4. Pax 3 (size & warranty)
  5. Tera (removable batteries)

I want quality vapor n device that would last the most with me.




  • Thats an impressive list. The first vape that got me to fully switch from combusting to vaping was the 2018 Dynavap M, there were a couple of cheap headshot vapes b4 those but they weren't great and aren't really worth mentioning. After the Dynavap's the VAS kicked in hard, so there have been many since then. From a portable POV the P80 is king in my house. A wall powered G43 is my best desktop unit.

  • My first vape was a storm sapphire, which i believe is very similar to a starry, and tbh, it an alright entry point, I think i could have done much worse. The only problem i had with it was it would get clogged really easy, and was just a pain in the ass to clean. Then i got an extreme q, which i still have and use, then dynavap and then mighty. I'm looking at sticky break or a tiny might next.

    Starting with sapphire probably helps me appreciate the Mighty more. But the sapphire is an affordable entry point to the world of vapes.

    If i had to start over, i probably would have pushed the boat and got a tera, fury or solo / solo 2.

  • First vape was a Magic Flight. I didn't like it. Then I went to liquid pens because they were undetectable inside my house (don't get me started on the prison thing). I enjoyed those but missed dry herb. About a month ago I bought a 2020M and since then I've spent about $500 in Para! I think I have a problem. Now I want a P80 and a Runt or a Jr.

  • not to contribute to your VAS, but I just got my P80 and it's freaking amazing!!!!

  • Vape Acquisition Syndrome!? That's what VAS means right? Just dawned on me right now. I must be a bit slow.

    Awww man, I'm sooo jealous! I can't even comfort myself with my new Vortex due to a shipping delay.

    Live for me Southie, live for me!

  • My first was a Da Buddha back in 2011. Still works like day one so I’d definitely buy it again. My 2nd was a Launch box that I never really cared for.

  • @david0408 Yep you got the VAS acronym right. Sorry to here about the delay. I'm living large for ya brother. I just stuck the P80 on a wishbone adapter with the Tube Evic and hit em both through the bong... good stuff

  • LOL Love it!

  • My first vape was a Vaponic Vapbong back in the dark ages and I never loved it but there wasn't a whole lot of choice in Europe at the time, especially in the portable market. It didn't hit well and the red hot test tube type design was totally impractical.

    Eventually the Arizer Solo came along to save the day and lead me down a path of vape madness. There wasn't much quality in terms of alternatives to it at the time but the fact that Arizer still manufacture and sell it (even if as a budget device) and that people still enjoy it all these years later's testament to its simple but effective design.

  • My first vape was in 2015 a Crafty...dead after 80 hours of use...very good vapor but very disappointing the duration. Very....

  • Ugh. It was an Iolite. It worked well when it worked, but the butane feed would clog and eventually ended up so stopped up that the vape became unusable.

    After that was a Pax, which wasn't great out of the box. I picked up a thicker screen, chamber reducer, and a vented oven lid for it, and that really made it a functional device. It was the first time I thought of giving up smoking in favor of vaping.

    My next vape was an original Dynavap M in 2017. Once I got it down, I stopped combusting completely. Now, smoking always tastes like licking an ashtray.

  • @david0408 at least u can smoke at home. My prison is leave the house and walk for 5 mins away from any neighbors eyes *sigh the struggle is real. I just wanna get baked and watch an episode of smthn that would make me laugh in the comfort of my own home, at least the back yard ?

    @Terry1973 u hit a nerve coz dats precisely what am worried abt with Might n Crafty. I hear ppl sayin they won’t last. What did u switch to after?

    @gingerbier hahahaha lucky ashtray ...all hopes to actually having flavor just went out the window ? ... do u still use ur pax tho?

  • @nekkern good point... don’t y but I didn’t even short list Solo... thx for the info tho .. now am in that rabbit hole ?

  • @Southie dont get me started on VAS.. I haven’t bought the first one n I already wanna have 2 ... ?

  • @nekkern am based in Amsterdam and I do find a few stores that have the good options but not everything.

  • @Zan Oh, I get it on my first order from puffitup I ordered 5 vapes (maybe 6 lo) and a ton of accessories. I saved up for months, because I couldn't decide on just one. Fast forward to two years later and now I have somewhere around 40 vapes (give or take, I'm too lazy to count them all). VAS is real for sure.

  • 2018M, Gone. into the ether.

    I've had almost anything, sans arizer products.

    One day I will own a tubo evic. I have an OG Brick in Purpleheart but that's it. I need a Bonnie to my Clyde, A Goose to my Wingman, A means to an end.

  • edited June 2020

    @Totality42x you really can't go wrong with a Tubo.

  • Nah, that thing lives in a box. It has been transcended by better, cheaper, and/or lower maintenance vapes.

  • First vape I ever had was the Vapir One 5.0, it was a plug in convection vape that could blow bags or use a whip. It actually worked ok, it was a little leaky though. Bought it in 2007, then I got a DBV in 2008.

  • @Zan now i use mainly fury edge and my dynavap 2019. I also have the G43...but that goes with the special occasion....i dont want to break it. I know it's not a S&B...but I am very happy with the edge...5 bowl per charge, solid, good clouds with WPA and a jhook, not expensive like a S&B. Plus the dynavap fits where the edge take to long being a session vape. I quite happy now. If i had to choose a next one it would be a P80 by Lamart or a tinymight...but it's hard to get them and it is gust VAS...

    I also have a milaana and SB Junior but i dont use them anymore.

  • First vape was a Fury 2. Great introductory vape for those entering the vape world. Still use mine on occasion. If I was starting now it would be the Edge.

  • Zan- I hear you man. I have four more years before I get to sit in my living room with all of my toys. I assume you too are hiding from kids?

  • I’m not smart enough to be able to figure out how to link the names when I respond. You know like @name. Can someone teach me please?

  • @david0408 just type @ and then start typing the persons name, a list of usernames will pop up below where you are typing. Click one to choose which username to tag.

  • @Southie thank you sir

  • @david0408 No problem, happy tagging

  • My first was the MFLB. Not a great vape but proved the concept to me.

    Many years and many vapes later I'm still vaping.

  • First vape: Fury Edge. Still getting lots of use. Still one of my favourites.

  • Pax2

    Various pens



    waiting on a Mighty

    and who can not be pretty curious about what Kenny & Troy are up to?

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