Tetra P80

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It's finally here!!! The Tetra P80 is amazing! I have only had time for a couple of bowls so far, but those bowls were awesome!!!



  • I had one but sold it due to the color. Nub stem is the bees knees(They don't have knees, I know).

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    I honestly am just happy to have any color. But this one matches my tubo very nice, coincidentally. I prefer the long bent stem over the cooling nub personally, but it will be a nice option for on the go.

  • I'd pay extra for the ugliest color they have right now! Wait,color is subjective. I'd pay extra for a slightly used one right NOW!

  • You can try living on r/entexchange they pop up used very rarely on there, but they go fast!

  • Great looking vape southie! Can you feel the diff between the Tetra P80 and the Tubo Evic?

  • @Troy Yeah I can... I feel like the Tetra is a lil less scratchy?more smooth than the Tubo, but still with the same great flavor and strength as the original. I also like how well the extra coil seems to lend itself to a more even extraction, I don't need to stir any more, even when joint packing. The real fun comes when ya stick em both on the rig.

  • I've been eyeing a P80 for some time and it's been in the running for a next possible vape. Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far @Southie. Gives me confidence if I decide to pull the trigger, lol.

  • @Vapeman1967 IMO The P80 is the best battery powered portable on the market, it's unfortunate that it's such a pain in the ass to get one, but its well worth the hassle.

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