Tinymight Shipping/Delivery Question

First of all, let me apologize if this is a boring/inappropriate topic -- moderators at NewFuckCombustion recently complained about people who post shipping questions about the Tinymight in the thread over there. So, I don't want to upset anyone there, or here.

But my question if fairly straightforward. I just received notification from Tinymight that my order has shipped. TM apparently doesn't provide tracking info, so I'm just trying to get a general idea of when my package will arrive.

So, I'm in the US Midwest (STL area) and my TM is being shipped to my home (not a business). I understand that TM shipping is done via DHL, and I don't have much direct experience in receiving stuff via them. So, two questions:

* For anyone who's already received their TM (and ideally for someones located in the US Midwest), how long did it take for you to receive your TM shipment once you were notified that shipping had taken place?

* Do DHL handle delivery from end-to-end, or is the "last mile" handled by the US Postal Service, as happens with many Amazon orders? I'm guessing it's end-to-end DHL, but wanted to check. I have less concern about an untended package in my mailbox than I do an untended package on my front porch.

Thanks in advance for any information anyone can share.


  • I too would love to see an answer to your question I'm order #765 I recieved an update to shipped also but never got a tracking number. I ordered on 5/15/20.

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    DHL will usually ship to your door. It's hard to say how long it will take with the whole covid thing, some places have been quarantining packages, so it really could take anywhere from a few days to over a month. That being said when others I know got TM shipping it was less than a week from the time they shipped to the time people got them, but again this was pre covid Good luck with a speedy delivery!

  • Thanks, Southie.

  • I’m in western Canada but mine came to my door via DHL and arrived in 4 days. I did receive a tracking notification however I have a second unit on order and it supposedly shipped May 29 but I haven’t received tracking info this time. Last time I had to pay fees (brokerage etc) prior to delivery.

    Hope yours arrives soon. Great little vape.

  • I got an email today saying my order being marked as shipped was a mistake and that it was going to be changed to complete and shipped tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get a tracking number. I'm a little confused tho wouldn't complete mean I have the device in hand?

  • Oh also if DHL doesnt deliver to your area they will pass the package off to the USPS and they will deliver it to you. This fits my case to a tee. DHL wont come out this far. Thankfully my dad and mom work for USPS.

  • W.eird, I would definitely be saving that E-mail

  • FWIW, I received an eMail yesterday morning around 7 CT indicating that my TM has shipped.

    I haven't received any subsequent correspondence from TM to indicate otherwise...

  • This came this morning ???


  • Thanks for sharing that. I just checked again but haven't received a tracking number.

  • I'm not gonna lie I bugged the shit out of him until he sent me tracking.

  • So I ordered mine on 13/08/2020

    Took over a month to change from pending to complete

    I suspect my bank may have thought the charge was sus and withdrew it but now I have no idea what is happening with my order.

    Tinymight website is soooo slow and was previously down for a day or so.

    Now my order just says complete and I am not getting any replies to my emails.

    I was really excited for my Tinymight but now I am thinking to give up on it as I doubt it will ever come.


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