What are your MUST HAVE Dynavap accessories???

Talk to me, send me links!

I'm revamping my Dynavap Accessories page and I want to make it robust and awesome.

What are your favorite torches, cases, pokers, gadgets, gizmos, etc??

My new favorite is the Decapper Debowler from Brilliant Cut.



  • Favorite torch is a Blazer Firefox. Highly recommended. It's got a beefy single flame, a locking trigger, and holds plenty of butane. I use it almost exclusively with the SS tip, prefer my PSM for titanium tips.

  • I need to try a new torch. My Scorch Torch is starting to talk back. Blazer Firefox you say? Thanks.

  • Dynastash and Amy portside mini are the besrt accessories I have. I like the honest torch or one with a similarly small torch, its slower but I like the precision.

  • I use a Blazer PB207. Good for the Dynavap, good enough for my Brick OG. Has a nice hold, easy ignition and it's transparent. Also comes with a neat little stand.

    I HAD a glass condenser for my M, but sold it. I have a CVap, so I may just get a different air restriction variant. The glass condensers are good for heat mitigation and taste good. They also collect reclaim nicely and doesn't affect taste.

    J hook. Even a small one can help tame high temp hits.

  • I had a Scorch Torch, but it would randomly shoot out an 18-inch long flame. Glad I discovered that when I did, because it could have been a disaster.

    Don't mean to blacklist the Scorch Torch -- obviously it was a defective unit and I opted to not have it replaced, but thought it worth raising a warning. From this I've learned to always engage my torches with the flame pointed in the least risky direction and then bring the flame to the target.

  • @videosavant oh Lord. Good to know. Mine starts to complain with a flame below 2cm. I think it should work fine with my new Brick. Problem is I’m going to be out of flower by the time I receive it!!

  • I don't know that I have any truly essential accessories, but I do like having the Pipe Portside Mini induction heater, even though I still prefer a single-flame torch. Having an induction heater is pretty close to essential, and even if it's not something I use everyday, it gets plenty of use.

    I also like my Interplanetary Development Launch Pad. Such a simple, elegant solution.

    I also like my various Dynastashes, including a couple I bought from the mothership, two others from Futo (and with two more on the way).

    But probably my favorite accessory is one I cooked up myself, though I have to credit an anonymous redditor for the failed, brute force original idea (he attempted to drill through the spinner). It's my VapCap Auto-Spinner.

    This is basically a desktop "fidget spinner" that I bought on Amazon, paired with a custom-designed and fabricated top mount from Mike at Delta 3D Studios.

    I really need to get a video of this in action, but I think you can connect the dots and get the idea.

    One of the great things about the Auto-Spinner is that I can get more uniform heating, and because the cap is spinning at a faster rate than I could achieve manually, it allows me to get the flame closer to the cap without scorching, so quicker heating. I think this would come in very handy for someone who had arthritis or other issues impacting manual dexterity.

    Mike is a great guy and it was fun to work with him. He said he was likely to design something similar but with a more reliable source for fidget spinner. Sure enough, although I bought two of these (and had three mounts made), they are now out of stock from the Amazon supplier. Mike's a wise man, too.

  • A Vortex stem? I wouldn’t know because my mailman has been using it for the last four days now! That order also has a Simrell stash smh

  • I’m also hoping the Decap/Debowler from Briliant Cut to become one of my favorites. Several months back I contacted them inquiring if I could buy just a bottom collection bowl from them for just that purpose and was invited to help them evaluate and report to them on the new decapper. Because of current circumstances they were delayed and have been informed it’ll be a couple weeks before I receive it, looks to be another great product.

    On another front the good folks at PuffItUp have sent me this amazing setup and it really rocks, more of a whole unit as apposed to an accessory, so I hope it’s not out of line to place it here. If it is, no problem delete and I will repost under another thread.

    The Honest lighter from SBL also is my go to torch as well as the Scotch.

  • @ScottNC Talk to me about the debowler. So it's just a way to uncap and dump AVB? I guess you save AVB? I don't think I understand AVB either. I just vape until black and then throw it in the trash.

  • many people do save there AVB to use for edibles later. However if your vaping your load until its black there probably isn't a whole lot of goodies left, and I would most likely toss it out as well. The decayer is meant to help take the hot cap off of a freshly used dynavap. the debowler as you guessed is a place to dump out your AVB.

  • I kinda like burning my fingers taking it off. Is that wrong?

  • I've never had an edible. How much AVB does it take to make something?

  • Different strokes for different folks I guess. Its your fingers. lol. Amount of AVB will vary

  • Thanks for answering that @Southie, my link got all frozen up for some reason trying to post this...from PuffItUp

    not sure what happened

  • Very cool

  • Here's a bunch of shops and accessories that I love that I hardly see anyone else talk about:

    On Etsy:

    • Heat Technician (the portable session Debowler is awesome! I own two!)
    • Levated (not futo quality, but inexpensive and easily made-to-order custom cases)
    • Skullkandy Creations (the best 3D printed case but also has stands and custom options)

    For cheaper, non-domestic Dynavap sized glass:

    • Grav Labs sip series bubblers (sluuuuuuush cup is so good with the Hydra or Nona!)
    • MJArsenal and the 2020M pair well!

    For USA-made glass

    • The Texas Tubes 11 in. bubbler!

    For stuff that isn't for a Dynavap, per se, but works:

  • I'm really liking this bowler tool on Etsy. I can take the hot cap off without it and use the tool to scrape out the herb. Sits flat so the cap is sticking up. I also use it to take the dosing capsule out of the edge to let it cool without me touching it.

  • Not sure if I’d say this setup is a “must-have” but I enjoy it.

  • If you’re looking for a 14mm to 10mm low profile reducer, $12.99 free ship.


  • 2mm XL glass stem from Rogue Wax Works. I'd say it's comparable to the galaxy glass from dynavap minus the galaxy pattern. Can be used with the included mouthpiece or you can shove a condenser into it with a spinning mouthpiece. Not bad for only $22. Use mine almost daily.

  • This sounds primitive but my must have tools for my dyna are q tip and magnetic dart (from a magnetic dartboard set)

  • Strong-Arm Adapter. I get cramps in my fingers suddenly and the SAA is light and can be held easily in many positions that don't even require me to grip it. It also stays cooler longer.

    Tiny safety pins that I got at the dollar store. Although they don't really clear the bowl they do an excellent job of clearing it.

    I have a little screw I found that has a beautifully bowl-shaped head. It tamps the weed down perfectly.

  • This isn't staged, I promise. I took it this morning in response to a workmate asking how I was handling working from home. Not pictured is my MJA Infiiti bubbler (I use dry).

  • So many cool things for dynavaps now. There is an awesome ccd tool made by a user on FC @danielj . He also make some cool other mps and accessories. I have several of the tools from TRWW. The gowler set as seen above by @Chary_Ka. Also the wood handle one w the mag in it. I'll post a pic. Not to mention the live edge stands. The brilliant cut debowler is great so far. Havent found the need to stick it down. Also on amazon they sell magnetic thumb tacs that are great for capping a hot cap. They also have some very very cool penholders that make great stands. Im sure there are a bunch I'm too high to remember right now lol

  • Although they don't really CLEAN the bowl they do an excellent job of clearing it.

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