Vape Review/Comparison Requests??

Which vapes are needing content right now? Are there vapes that need reviews or comparisons?

I'd like to leverage community interest more in my priorities. Please help :)



  • It seems like there hasn't been a lot of really new stuff lately (or at least not overly inovative). But it might be interesting to hear about some of the cooler older vapes or even just less heard of ones, that might be worth watching out for. Kind of a best of the best round up or something. Perhaps try to put into words what seperates them from the rest of the pack.

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    I'd love to see you put balls in all the vapes, and then have a battle royal. I'd also love to see a history of vapes type video

  • i’d love to see a full breakdown and tutorial on the tetra p80!

  • There was this one type of video called "State Of The Vape" which has been missing for this year and it's not coming out anytime soon, as I believe we all know why.

    I would like to see some video of that sort.

  • The Woodscents is one that springs to my mind - it's recently had a heater update (which I think Troy already has) but when I recently went on the hunt for Youtube opinions I didn't find a great deal of video coverage of it, which I was a bit surprised by given its been around a while. I'm not sure if that's because log vapes are a bit more niche/less common in general.

    I should admit this is part suggestion and part me wanting to talk about the Woodscents because I just got one and absolutely love it (especially paired with a Simrell Vortex). I didn't love the £80 customs/handling fee I had to pay, but after a few blasts on the WS I got over it.

  • Ooooh, I do have the new Woodscents! I think the heater that is in mine is 2w more powerful than standard and Ed wanted me to send it back for update before making a video. I kinda like having the extra power though.

    Haha, That actually crossed my mind. I'd want to do it in a way that isn't a slap in the face to the Vape Critic of course.

    That's a fun idea! The other night @StickyBrickLabs convinced me to put balls in my Vape Xhale Cloud EVO and it was surprisingly good.

  • This will sound odd but I am interested in seeing more reviews of cheap and off brand vapes. I don't expect them to be good but would like to see the confirmation from someone I trust like you. Is the Utillian 422 any good? No? Why, or should I say How, not? Just a thought...

  • Someone in one of your livestreams was asking about the AVS Molecule 22mm ESCC. I'll admit I was looking at it, too, and user experiences that I've read have been encouraging. It's been out of stock lately, but should get more in.

  • Good good, thanks! I am going to create a piece of content for every single vape - even if I have to simplify my content to do so.

  • I noted that as well, thanks for posting it here!

    I need to go vape shopping/stalking apparently

  • I’d love to see more content on some of the more niche stuff like the Pipescents or some of the lesser-seen Lamart stuff. I know I’m definitely waiting with baited breath for a Nomad 2 review.

  • I’d love to see a pros opinion on the Zeus Arc GT, I’ve had mine a couple weeks now and can’t wait to compare it to the mighty once Storz and Bickel desides to ship mine! ?

  • Love to see you review the new Hopper io, not seeing much out there on it.

  • I enjoy your round up videos, where you use all the vapes you have of a certain type (like the 510 roundup). It would be cool to see either a desktop round up or just a log vape round up, if desktop is too general a category.

  • @evanr Second a review of the Nomad II.

  • You always make very long puffs on the videos, I'll be glad if in future reviews you will also talko about how the vaporizers handle 5-7 second puffs

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    Herbstick Relax

    Flowermate Aura

    Black Mamba

  • What's the difference between tobacco-oil vapes and weed-oil vapes? Is it just temperature or are there other features that make them unique? Can we use any of their devices or practices?

    How does the GrassHopper work, in detail.

    Is it technically possible to enlarge the GrassHopper's chamber to accommodate a Dynavap Cap?

    Are there bulbs hot enough to heat a Dynavap? If so that would be very interesting for do-it-yourselfers. (Herborizer?)

    Smoothest vapes of all, a roundup. (Easiest on the lungs.)

  • I am currently thinking about the Hopper IO. I would like to see some extended review etc. The only relevant review I found was from Sneaky Peter, but I would like to see/hear more opinions.

  • That one Sneaky Peter reviewed is probably not the Hopper IO tough. Or is it? No idea how to tell them apart.

  • I know you don’t do concentrate vapes as much but I would love to see a review of the Source Versa.

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    Yo Troy, thanks for asking! I would love to see your review of the <$200 Crossing Core/HVT Hyperion (which you hinted at in your Vape Shelf Tour video) and also the new $299 High Five Duo, which they say lets you set your own temp, has an air path that does NOT go thru the atomizer and claims to read the temp of the bowl not the heating element.

    Been using a Puffco Peak (which I got from VC Bud for a song some time ago) and a Saionara on a DNA250C mod but want to upgrade and these both look like improvements.

    I like the idea of using Sequoia coils without having to dial them in with a mod ... and not having to rebuild Peak coils??️.

  • @Troy With all the vapes you've accumulated during your career, I'm sure you have some interesting prototypes / one-off's / discontinued devices, etc. Maybe an occasional "Gone too soon" (or not soon enough, depending on the device) video, where you show us something from your collection that, for whatever reason, isn't available anymore. I know a lot of us watch your content because we're looking for honest reviews on gear we're considering purchasing, but I'm sure a lot of us also just love vapes and vaping in general, and would get a kick out of seeing some rare stuff.

  • I want to see you talk about the Supreme V6 and the Vapbong. I've been loving those two devices!!!

  • Hey Troy, do you have anything in the pipeline or plans for a video on the new Source Orb Versa portable dab rig? A portable dab rig is going to be my next big purchase and wanted to see what this new comer was about before making my purchase.

  • The flowerpot from newvape needs more attention

  • Newvape screwed me over, so I do my best to avoid promoting them.

    Planning right now. I don't have the device, but they have offered one to me.

    I'll try to snag a Supreme soon. Link to vapbong you're referring to?

    Great idea! Maybe I should show off the Loto Lux hahaha

  • I'm working on a review for the Core. Cliffs notes: I like it, probably best 'value' e-rig. Hits hard, tastes great, easy to use.

    I've just been waiting to make sure they didn't change anything, because my version is a pre-production sample.

    The High Five DUO looks badass! I need to get one of those for sure!

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