Cannabis and Focus

I am wondering how you all use cannabis to help with focus and how it increases your productivity. Which strains and terpenes have helped you?



  • Tangerine cookies is one of my favorites. Not too bright of a strain but I can be chatty and feel glass half full in a positive way.

    GDP is phenomenal for slowly falling asleep. Winter time I usually wrap up with a blanket, listen to some soft spoken stuff or ASMR and just zone out until I’m sleeping.

    Durban poison + coffee = clean the house, do laundry at 1x real-time but 20x mentally ?

  • I normally vape for the exact opposite reasons. But I have noticed that red dragon, Green crack, And Durban poison a really good in those type of situations

  • I lean more towards indica strains for evening relaxation. I hear strain such as Jack Herer are great for day time.

  • Lemon and citrus smelling strains are usually the ones that help me most with focus and attention.

    Smell the nugs. If the smell "hits your nose" in the upper region, near the bridge or your eyes, it's a sativa and will have mental effects. If the smell hits you lower in the nose, near your nostrils or your teeth, the effects will be more of a body high.

    I'd also like to emphasis that focus and marijuana aren't always hand-in-hand. Discipline is really important. I highly recommend a daily meditation habit. Even just 5 minutes per day can make a HUGE difference in your day-to-day mental abilities.

  • Thanks for the insight Troy. I agree that meditation can be good for focusing. What seems to help me the most is exercising regularly.

  • Great way to describe the difference in smell, I can definitely notice that difference

    For me I don't really associate weed with focusing. I find it's great for 'zooming out' and getting a different perspective, and it makes menial tasks more fun. But for me it's more of a relaxation thing

  • Yes I can understand that. I wonder if CBD and hemp flower would be better for a focusing aspect.

  • Indicas help me focus so much, I can control my thoughts so much better, I drink way to much fucking coffee to vape sativas I get way to spazzed out and paranoid ?, indicas just keep me chill all day

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