BEST and Worst Online CBD Stores

Who have you dealt with and enjoyed their product that makes you keep going back?

Who was a one and done for you?



  • When I first started to get into CBD a couple months ago, I was watching Modern Cannabists and they mentioned Cascadia Blooms. They were my first online purchase and I just purchased from them again earlier this week. The bud that I received was very sticky like it was harvested the week before.

  • Cascadia has been so amazing... I've found that Black Tie and Bakers Ranch Botanicals both have NICER nugs... but also 2 or 3 times the cost.

    I buy Cascadia because it's GOOD quality and GREAT prices. Coupon code 420vapezone will save you 10% at Cascadia

  • I like Cascadia and I've also gotten good results with CBD Hemp Direct.

    CBDHD's Tangie is definitely one of the better-tasting CBD flowers I've had. Snagged an $80 BOGO 30/30 gram flower special that weighed out on delivery at just over 65 grams. I would do the Tangie again, probably pass on the Durban Potion.

  • I do like Cascadia Blooms. I recently tried Fields of Hemp which seems good as well.

  • Also, I am still trying to figure out the effects from CBD flower.

  • I've been happy with Tokn, Cascadia Blooms, and Fields of Hemp for flower and the Hemp Barn and Wisconsin Hemp Farm for flower and concentrates.


  • I had their Elecktra, 20% CBD, and one other strain. Good stuff. I'd definitely get it again. Oregon grown.

  • Nice. I will have to check them out. Yeah I got pretty recently Fields of Hemp ACDC.

  • Cheef Botanticals. So many OZs purchased. Their Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Skywalker OG and Sour Space Candy are really good and have their place in my line up. Haven't tried the others on the site working my way through each... I started with their 1/4oz jar to try and now its simply 1 or 2 OZs at a time.

    I've purchased (while on sale, they have many) their lotions, isolate, bath balls, chapstick -- all for my better half since she doesnt puff - she loves it all. The quality of the aesthetic of the product is pretty great too -- its all very well designed... Deliveries are on point and so is the customer service. The site is well designed and super easy to navigate.

    The are out of california - (I hope Troy doesnt have inside info on them that will break my heart ) and much of their flowers are from Colorado; Oregon too i think.

  • I like Tweedle farms. Their nugs are not trimmed as well as some but the price is great, as was the flavor of the Remedy I tried, trying more strains every day as I got the mystery sampler which is four one gram packages of random strains.

  • As for me, I do not know good stores. I always buy strains from my friends who grow strains at home. In this case, I am sure that they are grown without any chemicals and are safe for me. And it is really cheaper than buying in different stores. I often read the information at AskGrowers and Leafly before buying. The last strain I bought was Guava One of my friends grows it.

    But it does not mean that I do not know some sellers. I've heard a lot of positive replies about Tweedle Farms. Also, I've heard about Hemp Barn, Cascadia Blooms with positive feedback.

  • Monrow Hemp Company?

  • I have tried numerous cbd flower sources and you can find cheap pounds or generally cheap dry flower materials at various clearing houses like hempwire.

    oregonhempfliwer has cheap isolate and i got a pound if smalls for 80.00 last summer. 80 a pound is amazing, i gave away most lf it, nice to give away half ozs to people.

    tokin is good smaller operation. Southern oregon is growing great hemp but their green rush has winners and loosers. My favorite cbd fliwer grower and retailer is feen valley farms. Every bag i have gotten from them has been fresh well cured, really farm to bong kinda business. Their trim shake is better than some “top shelf” flower. But they carry a nice sour lifter bubba, specialist, supa sour haze. The nice thing is you can get halves of smalls and mids for really great prices and they do a lot of sales. I think i got like 2 oz of 4 different smalls for 40 atround the holidays. I have sent them some feedback and they changed how they sold smalls on my suggestion. The otjer thing and i know this is maybe just me but hemp flower prices are not supposed to mimic cannabis pricing. 40-50 an oz is proper, 60-80 is boarderline too much anything less than 30 expect less terps and maybe even unsmokable last season harvest. But like i said i would use fvf trim/ shake over discount flower any day

  • if you use cbd for pain relief like me the best deal I’ve found so far is Elli Hou Farms. Paul was so gracious as to give me a discount since I’m in pain and can’t work. They have pounds of smalls are $100 right now and if you email them and ask they will let you get four oz of four different strains. All of them beat the crap out of Apical Greens GGDP and that cost me $45 an oz before tax and shipping. This stuff is less than $9 an oz and the amount of relief I get is wonderful. I got Bubba, Boax, Sour Lifter, and Hawiian Haze. They are all great but the sour lifter blew me away.

  • Great website and great services!

  • I have used many online stores. I even contacted the suppliers directly. I was not satisfied with either the product or the services of any. Maybe I'm overly picky. But, you know, when I pay money, I want to get something of high quality.

    I decided that I should open my store myself to show what a genuine service is. The first question I asked was, of course, inventory management for dispensaries. A friend recommended me to a good company that is just working in this direction.

    And you know what? I am still successfully selling my product.

  • Unconditionally, it's the best topic, thx guys, I'll try some CBD stores.

  • I did stills try Vaporizer products

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