Smoking big hits all day from the SSV43 has got me thinking about tolerance. What's your routine for making sure you keep getting high?

Start small, finish big? Take days off?

There's nothing worse than that feeling that you're as high as you can go, but you wanna go that little bit higher.



  • Take a day off for me, although I have yet to do so. Everyday my plan is to take the next one off and everyday I find the Runt in my hand by lunch.

  • Constantly change consumption methods, force 6-8 hour breaks in between seshs, and naps if I can. Haven't had a t break in a year now.

  • I vape another bowl. lol. But, admittedly This approach doesn't seem to be doing much for my tolerance.

  • ...maybe tomorrow

  • As skunk touched on, I think the biggest thing to do is varying consumption methods. Even though they're all introducing thc into the body, because it's absorbed differently, the method of consumption seems to affect tolerance least for me.

    I will go a week or two primarily vaping flower, with a few dabs/double deckers or edibles mixed in, but 80+% of the consumption will be flower. Then, when I feel the tolerance creeping too high, I'll switch to dabs as my primary consumption method, only vaping flower sparingly (5-10%).

    Seems most folks give up at that point, and do a traditional t-break of some sort; but personally, after (mostly) dabbing for a week or two, building tolerance, I can switch right back to flower - cutting the dabs fully, off cold turkey - and get blown away by my first real flower vape session of a couple bowls back to back in a heavy hitter! Then the process restarts.

    I used to mix edibles into the pile more, but without a simple steady supply lately they've mostly fallen out of my routines. I'd do Flower -> Edibles -> Dabs then. Every few months, maybe 3x a year, I still do a normal tolerance break but only of 3-5 days generally. Look forward to hearing other's methods!

  • I’ve had people tell me shrooms help but I have yet to try that out ?‍♂️

  • Shrooms will help you to lay off weed for while if you find it problematic, they don't do much on the tolerance itself in my experience.

    I do small tolerance brakes. Like 1 day every month or two. If I can't get high enough I will do edibles for a week, and back to vaping. First bowl feels like a first time smoke. But just the first one... then it's almost back to normal.

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