Fury Edge Accessories

So I finally took the plunge and ordered the Fury Edge (yayi!) as my first vape. Aside from refreshing the tracking page every sec, I started to look at accessories n before things got out of hand I thot I’d ask the lovely forum first.

what accessories did you buy for your Edge? Do u still use it? Was it worth the money?

I read a few comments with folks using other accessories not necessarily by HealthyRips n frankly not quiet sure how ones like Smirell work with Edge.

Any pics would be great too...

Did I mention am super hyped! 😂



  • Dosing caps and WPA are very worthwhile, at least for me.

  • I have four items that I've deemed essential. Well my wife has deemed essential as she has taken over the Edge has her only vape.

    1. Dosing Capsules - It just keeps everything clean. They are easy to maintain. Less clean up time is fun for everyone.

    2. Simrell and adapter - This changed the game for her. She was vaping in the 325-330 range because of the harshness while using the 3d stem. I got her the Simrell attachment, and she loves it. Is able to do temps at 370 and no harshness at all. She wanted me to say again that she considers it essential.

    The next two are not essential, but I have found them to be very convenient.

    3. A debowler tool - I posted the link in the dynavap asseccories chat on here. It's a scraper tool with a magnet. I would just drop the dosing capsule on a dynavap magnet when I get done so I don't have to touch it and let it cool off. Well the dosing capsules are magnetic so with this tool, you can literally just have the capsule lift out of the oven. Let it cool. And use the tool to scrape out the capsule. Very convenient.

    4. Skunk GoCase - This case is the perfect size for the Edge with the regular mouthpiece and cover, the asseccories adapter, the simrell, the dosing capsules, and a poking tool. It will fit in your pocket. This is subreddit post showing the size and how well everything fits. I have the 3d stem because I had not gotten the Simrell yet.


  • @Chary_Ka @VideoconverterClura do the dosing capsules affect the draw or the vaping experience in anyway?

    @videosavant i don’t plan on using it with a bong tbh, but was considering the bubbler instead. Have you tried it?

    @charmcityvapeguy One of the things I don’t like with Js now is the harshness, just kills my throat. I’m so glad you (she) mentioned this coz I was also looking at the 3D stem. Are you (she) using the short or long vortex with intercooler?

    I’m checking out 3&4 , thx for the tips I was looking for something to keep everything together on the go. Although I see plenty comments on dimebags being more durable than Skunk.

  • @videosavant i don’t plan on using it with a bong tbh, but was considering the bubbler instead. Have you tried it?

    I use the Edge + WPA with a Sneaky Pete Little Bandit. Actually, I use the LB with all of my vapes, so it covers a lot of bases for me.

  • @VideoconverterClura @charmcityvapeguy sorry for the wrong tags ..

  • @Zan I cannot remember if it changes the draw or not. I only did not use the dosing capsules twice when I first got it. Since then it's always had dosing capsules. So if it does affect it, it doesn't bother us. I just enjoy when I have my cleaning days, the Edge can be cleaned with little to no effort.

    We have the long/regular vortex. It's great because I can just slip it out and put a vapcap on it. I was not concerned with the harshness but I used to combust with a chillum and she couldn't smoke unless it went through a bubbler. Nowadays i find the last hit of any vape to be harsh and cannot fathom how I used to smoke with combustion.

  • @videosavant Idk that little bandit fit Edge ... oh boy I feel like I’m Alice and in an endless rabbit hole of accessories 🤣

    @Chary_Ka Ya I still didn’t get the capsules but I got my Edge today and tbh can’t wait to try it 😂 I saw Delta3studios has a caddy that holds up to 15 in Jyarz jars .. I’m glad to hear that the capsules are easy to use and make cleaning painless.

    The vortex isn’t cheap, heck it will cost way more than my edge did, but I’m seriously considering it given that I can’t stand the harshness. Thx for the tips.

  • @Zan It isn't cheap for the vortex and it can defiantly wait. But it is an investment especially if you get a tip and cap so you can use it as a dynavap also.

  • @Chary_Ka Got my fury today, had 2 bowls , first one was 1/2 full and the other fully but not over packed n boy oh boy did I fly... 401F seems to be a good spot for hit strength, draw, and heat harshness combo for now. Tried up to 419 n dam my throat was on fire.. 😂

  • All this lovely talk about the Fury got my VAS to da mass! Great insight on the vape guys! I have a Simrell standard stem and use it on my Boundless CF with the Mighty adapter and of course use it with my Dyna ti tip (it's like coolsville daddy'O). I love them all and really love how this community has grown. One of these days my VAS will get the best of me and I'll pull the trig on a Fury but for now i will b living vicariously through u guys. Keep up the great insight! Love, peace, & vape on...

  • I don’t have the Edge but I do have the One by POTV which is very similar. The best accessory by far was the Simrell adaptor to allow me to use a Vortex, M, or Omni. I thought it would be nice to use my vortex with the One but didn’t expect it to make such a big difference in cooling the vapor. Would definitely recommend getting a Simrell adaptor if you have any DynaVap’s.

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