Herb Ripper vs Brilliant Cut grinder

4 piece Herb Ripper vs 3 piece Brilliant Cut?

I might just get both but want a discussion on which is best.


  • I don’t have either one, but it’s not going to stop me from talking anyway. I can only add that I bought a cheap grinder thinking that the BCG would be in my hand within 3-4 weeks. It’s been more than six now. If you’re torn between the two grinders, buy the Ripper first. The BCG is going to take a while. I bought a Golden Bell Four piece grinder from Amazon. It was $14 (one day delivery) and it used to be $8 from what I understand. It’s a pain to turn, but the grind is pretty damn good. That Ripper is expensive! Good luck.

  • The brilliant cut is a lot nicer and functions better.

    the new herb ripper is still a great grinder, and it’s stainless steel so it should outlast the others... but it’s not as smooth and buttery. Very different feel and experience.

  • Well I got the Ripper 4 piece. I hear the BCG will have a 4 piece soon but you will be able to upgrade to a 4 piece and keep the three.

  • The one very minor complaint I hate about the BCG is that it's completely smooth around the lid so if you're someone who gets sweaty hands like me it can be a little slippery with sticky/dense nugs. Other than that it's a really nice grinder, it's pretty much replaced my SCS grinders. I love the threadless design.

  • *have, not hate.

  • My Brilliant Cut shipped today!! Almost seven weeks.

  • @david0408 Mine is on the way (international shipping). I was waiting 2 months for it but any day now!! Im quite excited.

    till now I was using Storz and Bickel that is added to Crafty (or was added to original crafty) and it is decent

  • @partycypator awesome! Yeah, I’m hoping that now it has “shipped” that I don’t have to wait another two weeks for delivery.

  • @david0408 at the tracking history it took them from 27th of May to 12th June to process the order within LA (from Bell Gardens to international shipping center). I hope it will work smooth for you within US borders (unless your international too).

  • Hi David048,

    My first grinder was the Golden Bell Four piece grinder from Amazon and yes, it was $8. The grind was on par with the BCG and the SCS. That part of it I liked a LOT. But the holes on the plate were a bit small and it took too much grinding to clear the top chamber. And unscrewing etc. was a hassle from the beginning. The threads were too fine and too close together so it was always jamming. Every time.

    I gave it away and now I have the SCS and the BCG, both with Medium plates. The SCS is pretty much perfect now. Once BC brings out the kief chamber I will get that and the Coarse plate. Then that saga will be completed. 

    My advice would be, patience. Give this grinder a chance, enjoy the whole experience, even the waiting. Your Brilliant Cut moment will come, and you can always buy the Herb Ripper later. Good luck to you too.

  • The Ripper just shreds through material. Quick with a nice grind for vaping. Its heavy and you know what you paid for. Wish I would have gotten the 2.5”.

    What size is the BCG?

  • @Ivan_van_Ogre your description of the Golden Bell is spot on. Well, my BCG shipped a couple days ago. Now I’m just waiting for it to get out of Canada before I get too excited.

  • One thing you can try is what I did......from the grocery store I got a couple wide but shorter rubber bands they use on the brockley or other veggie stems to keep them bundled together. They fit perfectly around the top or bottom parts of the grinder and make a rubberized side for easy gripping!

  • I have around a dozen THC strains currently, along with a half dozen CBD strains. I usually do my grinding in one big batch, every couple of weeks, storing around 2 grams of each in small, airtight containers.

    Normally when I do this, I use my Brilliant Cut Grinder for CBD and my four-piece Santa Cruz Shredder for the THC flower, the idea being to keep the CBD and THC completely separate. I also have separate vapes for CBD...

    However, this past Sunday, I started with the CBD and BCG, as usual, but when I moved on to work my way through the THC hit list, I stayed with the BCG. I didn't even realize this until I was almost done...

    Yes, the BCG is that good. While my year-old routine said to switch over to the SCS, all my senses apparently vetoed that idea and I stuck with the BCG.

    At least that gave me a good excuse to clean the BCG (and now it truly looks brand new).

  • Got a 4 piece Matte herb ripper xl grinder 2020 yesterday in the mail from Kevin, and have already ground over 2 quarters of jelly cocktail #1, and GSC, and just a thing I smoke, also ordered another 4 piece Matte 2020 herb ripper xl after using it for the shore. Has become my favorite grinder, beating out my fav, the simple coffee grinder.

    Pictured is the 2.5” herb ripper xl 2020 Stainless steel grinder and the hybrid fine/medium plate. Do not have coarse. Will probably pick up the coarse down the road just cause I like to collect, but this ground is super great in my dynavap, and storz-bickel volcano. Great job Kevin. Really appreciate. Great grinder, doesn’t stick. Plant wax will get around rim if you pack it heavy every time, but just wipes right off. The pictures show of the grind of A quarter of jelly cocktail #1, and I couldn’t believe how uniform it was.

    it just grinds your herb so you get that extra high from the bud. Easy to use. Basically turn one way. It can hold a good amount of herb. Love the diamond grip and no more anodized aluminum wear, I don’t care how good your aluminum grinder is it still shows wear, if you really use them. Nice weight from everyone’s comments I thought it was going to weigh a ton, but it doesn’t, real nice even grind bud . The bud on the trichomes is non existent in the difference between a premium grinder and a coffee filter. Paid $200+ for the other grinder. Beats out my $100, $240, and $50 premium grinders, plus cheap ones, but I only buy premium. Did a microscopic test and know one could tell the difference so that myth is debunked. Just saying look for good solid materials like stainless steel. But the xl 2020 herb ripper at https://herbripper.com, or the 2” 2020 from https://www.420edc.com/grinders/herb-ripper/, and the 2” 2020 from https://www.dynavap.com/dynashop/accessories/grinders/herb-ripper-stainless-steel-grinder/

    Really loving this grinder though. I didn’t want the matte finish, but Kevin assured me it did better in testing with herb sticking to it, which I thought the polish would be better, but turns out the matte is wonderful just like Kevin assured. They ship out quick too, I ordered mine on a Sunday, for it on a Thursday. The threading is amazing herb doesn’t get stuck. Teeth are sharp. Perfect grind. Excellent job Kevin. Keep it up. Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Happy grinding.

  • BCG+Simrell Vortex=Love

  • i got my herbripper 3-piece xl about a week ago ... i really like it! i like the weight ... feels good in my hand ... i got the fine/medium hybrid plate and the grind is just what i was hoping for ... the grind is a little coarser than my medium santa cruz shredder ... which is fine with me ... i just didn't want any finer grind than the scs ... which is what the ripper is replacing!

    i'm really happy with the grinder and kevin was great at promptly answering some questions before i ordered.

    a few pics!

    next to my santa cruz shreder medium 3-piece

    sitting in the palm of my hand ... i like the extra width over the scs ...

    the grinding chamber ...

    the grind ...

  • Plz help lol does the herb ripper chew through the trichomes?

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