Tastiest Vapour Flavour - Battery Vape Vs DYNAVAP?

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I am wondering what are the best vapourisers for taste.

I see lots of people talking about the delicious taste of this weed or the great taste of that weed, and I love the flavour, but using a DYNAVAP I only really get any taste on the very first hit, and even that is pretty weak, then any other hits don't have the great taste anymore.

So I am wondering how everyone is get such great vapour flavour? Am I doing something wrong?

I have never used a battery powered vape, apart from the Volcano in Amsterdam, and I am using a DYNAVAP at home.

Do the battery powered vapes produce a better tasting flavourful vapour for a full session compared to the one hit from a DYNAVAP? I don't want to spend extra money just to find out and be disappointed.

All of these people talking about this or that tasty weed, what is the best way to savour and enjoy the flavour?


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    Hey @Jay, in my experience the Dynavaps really do produce basically only one flavourful hit. A quick win for this vape is to make the bowl smaller with the adjust-a-bowl feature. That way you'll have 3 hits per bowl (1 of them really good) and then you can reload it. You'll get more flavour from your bud this way. Only available in Ti tips and 2020 M tip though.

    The best tasting vapor I have is either from a Crafty+ or Sticky Brick Jr. But SBJ is butane vape and you can do one hit bowls if you want as well as do like 4-5 good tasting hits (but smaller).

    The purest taste I have is G43 through a J-hook, that is insane.

  • Typically speaking I find i get more flavor out of convection vapes as opposed to conduction or hybrids. The material used on the device plays a part too. Vapes with an all glass air/vapor path (like the above mentioned G43) tend to excel in the flavor category.

  • Taste is subjective, so it's tough to draw the line between convection and conduction. Both can express the flavor profile in unique ways.

    I do think Dynavap and conduction have a places in the flavor chaser list, but not all conduction vapes are created equal.

    If you want to experience a more "true to the terpene" taste, something as simple as the Arizer Air or Solo 2 will give you the cleanest taste.

  • I love the taste of the Mighty and Dynavap.

  • Is there a review for the G43 here on 420vapezone? I have tried searching through and couldn't find one.

    I have made my Dynavap bowl smaller.

    Those saying that the Dynavap has it's place for flavour/taste, do you only get 1 pretty weak flavourful hit from the Dynavap too though?

  • If your after flavor in the dynavap, your going to want to take as low temp hits as possible. Try either heating at the very top of the cap (near the D in Dynavap), or possibly try the low temp cap (I have not used it myself). That will help to stretch out the flavor a little bit, longer.

    I don't believe that there is a review up for the G43 currently (but I could be mistaken).

    If flavor is your thing, you should definitely check out the Lotus Vaporizer as well, nits one of the tastiest vapes I own.

  • My best tasting vape is the Splinter Z although I use my MV1 much more often because of the cool hits. Even with these vapes, which are famous for good taste, only the first 2 or 3 hits are noticeably terpy, the rest of the hits are just OK. I like but don't love the VapCap, mostly because it is too hot, and for me rates the lowest on taste.

  • To be honest I have got 'Buyers Remorse' over the Dynavap. I'm a very price focused buyer and I hate wasting money. I bought the Dynavap after seeing lots of good reviews, but I must say I am pretty disappointed with it and couldn't get any response from their customer support at all.

    I have been heating towards the tip for low temps, but still only get 1 terpy hit which is very weak of vapour, the 2nd and 3rd are not terpy at all even with low temps. I cannot justify spending anymore money on the Low Temp Cap now after I already feel robbed of £60.

    I don't want to waste anymore money on another vape and just be equally or more disappointed.

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    if you don't dig the performance you get by heating at the tip of the cap, the low temp cap might not be for you... honestly Dynavap isn't the vape I go to when I'm looking for flavor. I love my dynas but its more of my on the go option.

  • I haven't reviewed the G43, but i should make some sort of video for it.

  • I use my firefly 2 every time I get a new strain. The flavour is fantastic. Then I promptly vape the rest in anything else.

  • LMAO

    The FF2 is one of the tastiest vapes I own. Also the most dusty.

  • what about the herborizer with the shirlock?what do you think of that for flavour???

    looks like massive flavour potential to me but its not going to come cheaply haha,its on my to get list....

  • I would throw my vote towards the sticky bricks and my MV1 (with my hand holding the broken oven door shut and the blessing of god allowing me to actually get a hit). I think the dynavap tastes fantastic as well, but not as pure or light of a taste with it's more full temp range extraction - though in a way it's taste is then truer to the flower right? I feel similarly about my Vapman. Very good taste but not exactly the terpy wonderland of the others.

    I also get fantastic flavour off the FlowerPot, but know that other "heat injector" vapes like the aforementioned G43 and Herbo are even better.

    Seconding the idea of a G specific video or a "heavy hitters throwdown" thing :).

  • My vapes in order of least amt of flavor to most:

    Pax 3--------------------------------->Vanilla Dynavap->Simrell Vortex---->Da Buddha---------------------->Tie - Crafty+/Mighty----------------->Tie - Sticky Brick Junior / Flipbrick / Runt---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->HERBORIZER TI w SHERLOCK BY A COUNTRY MILE.

  • My Tastiest vapes have got to be the G43, the Lotus, Sticky Bricks, and the MV1 (when the moon and stars are properly aligned that is)

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