Vape Church 06/21 Vaping 101

Hey all, as the title indicates, this next episode of Vape Church is going to serve as a bit of an Intro to Vaping episode. We'd love to hear any questions you may have in regards to choosing the right vape for you. If you have a lot of experience with vaping, we would love to know some of the things you have learned throughout the course of your vaping adventures, and some of the things you would have wished you new to ask b4 you bought your first vape. Let us know what you guys have for questions in this thread. Thanks, see ya in Church.



  • Hello friend. As a new member to the forum, could you tell me where the stream links will be posted? I'm assuming they are posted the day of the stream, but I've assumed things in the past...

  • This is going to be a fun episode.

    Drop us your questions or beginner vape tips in this thread or let us know if you'd like to participate this week

  • @nonamekevin yeah generally the links should get posted on here shortly before we go live.

  • A couple things I tend to tell people just getting started:

    1. You want your bud a little on the dry side.
    2. Every device needs to be packed differently, try not to overpack.
    3. Desktops are usually more powerful than portables
    4. Butane vapes usually hit harder than electric
    5. Avoid glass with a lot of diffusion
    6. S&B products are great, but pricey
    7. The local head shop sells a lot of crappy vapes, not many good ones
    8. Get a carb for your glass so you don't blow your weed all over the place when you take a hit
    9. There is no "best vape", find what works for your needs
  • I keep reading about carbing and sublimation

    Also, beginners 101 on technique, to know correct ways to vape and inhale etc.I smoked joints n hated combustion n didn’t like cigs so essentially don’t know if what am doing is rite, it’s like the first time u pop ur cherry n wonder “is this it?”, no point of reference lol

    Temperature settings n how they affect the ride (physical, mental, functional , flavor , etc)

    safety dos n don'ts (like running a cycle at high time before first time use .... found out abt that today).

    how different materials (glass, metal, etc) and their placement affect Vapor quality.

    K , I think I typed enuf... (can u tell am excited o wat!) . can’t wait to watch this live hopefully for the first time I’ll get ripped wit u guys ?

  • This should be a great episode, I have quite a few suggestions for beginners. I always think, especially if coming from smoking, that conduction or a mix of convection/conduction is best for beginners. Sometimes convection vapes in all forms can have a bit of a learning curve. Also they tend to be a little cheaper (not all cases SnB). There are even some budget options that are new to the market, Xvapes recent herbal vapes, aria, starry and the fog are good for the price. Dynavap of course and even "Biovapo". Which is essentially a glass stem that can be used for vaporising, bought very cheaply as a way to see if you are going to enjoy the experience. I'd love to get involved in the discussion this week.

  • If it is a vape 101 discussion, maybe start with "what is vaping" , and then compare it to combustion. Just a basic definition and why vaping is something to consider. A lot of people hear the term vaping and think of the e-cig rigs, or vape pens.

  • setting expectations for what you get at various price points;

    conduction vs convection;

    use cases for the vapes ppl keep hearing about when they first get in (eg., pax, stickybrick, volcano, dynavap, etc);

    what you should look for based on where/how you'll vape;

    what's analogous for people transferring over from smoking?

  • Looking forward to it! Don't forget to talk about the abv edibles. Gotta love those ABV perks

  • Sorry if this is late, Troy did ask us for some ideas on the zoom session the other day. I just remembered!! :-)

    For many in this community, vape 101 is a bit redundant. However, I've many questions I'm asked that I can/cannot answer by people who I'm trying to convert to vaping, so this Church could be a great opportunity!

    In no particular order, here's some of the common questions/themes I've heard/been asked/always wondered…..

    Vaping vs e-cigs

    • Difference between dry herb vaping and the e-cig vaping?
    • Is there anything the vape community can do to distance themselves from e-cigs?


    • Who invented the vaporizer? Is there any known history behind it?
    • When/how did you discover vaping? 
      • Did you stop smoking straight away? Did you transition into vaping - or do you still smoke?
    • What was your first vape?
    • When did you realise there’s a whole community who love vapes and vaping?
    • When did you realise you had VAS?

    Scientific studies

    • Has there been any scientific studies into dry herb vaping?
    • Is there actual proof it's healthier/safer?
    • Has there been any studies to the (positive) effects of vaping vs smoking? (ie, does it deliver CBD/THC to the body more efficiently? or is vaping purely more beneficial because you're not combusting?)

    Convection/Conduction heating

    • What's convection heating? What's conduction heating? 
    • Is one better than the other? 
    • Are there factors when using one over the other is preferred? (ie, when using flower or concentrates)
    • What vapes excel at convection/conduction?
    • Is there anything you should look for when purchasing a convection or conduction vape? (Ie, convection vapes should have ____, ____ and ___ features)

    Session/On Demand

    • What’s the difference
    • When it’s best to use session/on demand?
    • What do you prefer?

    Electric vs Butane?

    • What do you prefer?
    • Apart from the power source, are there any benefits to using one over the other?


    • If you can choose your temperature, What temperature do you vape at?
    • Does temperature affect you differently?
    • Does grind coarseness affect anything?
    • Do you prefer fine, medium or coarse grind?


    • Or is it ABV??
    • How do you store it?
    • What can you do with AVB?
    • How much do you collect until you make something with it?


    • One vape you regret buying?
    • One vape you’d buy again (if you lost/damaged it)
    • One vape that's on your wishlist?
    • Favourite vape to use at home?
    • Favourite vape to use outside of the home?
    • Do you share your collection with friends or do you keep it to yourself?
    • Do you buy second hand vapes or do you not like the idea of owning something that someone else once vaped?
    • Have you tried to vape anything other than cannabis?
    • What’s your favourite non-vape accessories
    • Where do you see the future of cannabis vaping heading?
    • Are there any vapes in the future you’re looking forward to being released?
    • What features do you want to see in new vapes?
    • What features do you wish vape manufacturers would stop doing?

    I think you folks should have plenty to talk about. Looking forward to watching!!

    Mighty Jimbo!

  • Thanks for the suggestions all! @MightyJimbo dropping great tips 45 minutes before show start LOL

    The Episode went super fucking awesome, thank you all who watched and kept the chat going.

  • Knowledge about the quality of air paths, overheating, drawing/heating techniques and technicalities are crucial. Good quality reviews are most useful. Had I seen the Biovapo or the Vapcap first I probably wouldn't have spent dosh on other vapes but would've remained blissfully ignorant about the intriguing new vape world where at first I felt like a grease monkey in a garage with a bunch of blokes. The first challenge was working out the difference between mods and herbal vapes and then giving up tobacco (if you mix), finding ways to substitute it and then using it straight as inhalation rhythms were learnt. A newbie wouldn't know about the spiritual benefits of VapeChurch but they will. ... or they did before Vapechurch went underground.

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