Ditanium Desktop

Who’s got one and what do y’all think about it? My wife loves her dabs and I love my flower, I feel like this could be a great buy for both of us since enails run almost the same cost wise and I’ve wanted one for her and I was thinking the Arizer EQ for me, But this would save me some $$$




  • I don’t own one but it’s on my list. Hopefully someone on here can chime in.

  • I haven't used one personally but I have heard some pretty good things regarding the Ditanium. Seems like it might just fit the bill.

  • Today could be the day I pull the trigger an get one myself ?

  • I have a review of the Ditanium here: https://420vapezone.com/ditanium-desktop-vape-enail/

    I think it's a great value. Good at vaping flower, good at dabs.

    But it's not great at either, and stacking both at the same time is a let-down compared to other stackable vapes.

  • Definitely need to pick up those ddave screens, I’m all about dosing caps with the mighty so those intrest me a lot, thank you for that video I can’t believe I haven’t seen that one ?‍♂️

    any other accessories that make the experience better?

  • I bought one on puffitup open box sale. I really enjoy it when I get the ability to use it.

  • I'll get around to this one eventually, I do like the look of it, I've just never been a big fan of whips.

  • I’m positive I’ll be picking up one of these in the next two months I gotta put it into the universe ? I feel it’ll help prolong the life of my mighty hopefully!

  • I absolutely love my ditanium especially with the whipless handpiece from sneaky pete. I usually start around 11-12 on the dial and finish around 1-1:30. can go hotter with the OG handpiece through water (get your own silicone tubing or cut the tubing that comes with the whip), or stay around the same lower temps with the titanium handpiece (don't go too hot or you'll combust).

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