Volcano Hyrbid/Crafty owners: request for Storz & Bickel 3.0.2 ipa file:

Hi Guys!

I made this comment on one of Troy's posts however maybe some of You would be able to help, so we don't take Troy's time haha! (or maybe someone has already done it and I somehow missed it - I doubt it but if so, then I am sorry)

"Hi Troy!

I know this may seem like a little bit out of topic but if You have an iPhone S&B app that works on Your phone, maybe there is a slight chance of You helping me and others by "extracting" it from Your phone and sending out the ipa file, so users that bought device after apple banned vape apps could also install it and have full experience!

If yes then it would be amazing!

I tried to find someone with updated iOS app, and was only able to get the app from one friend that has Crafty. Unfortunately it was version before Hybrid was released, so it does not work with my vaporizer.

I have a link with step by step instructions but I can't fully paste it here. (when checking it out, delete the space before "com" ;) )

https://ios.gadgethacks. com/how-to/download-ipa-files-for-ios-apps-your-iphone-0184056/

I hope it will not be a huge problem and with the possible smiles from lots of iOS + Volcano owners it will be worth it!

I wish You a great week and thank You in advance"

So if anyone of You has iOS app that is version 3.0.2 (or basically any higher than 3.0.0 would work with Hybrid) and could export it from their phone + share the ipa file it would be great as it would contribute to a community in a huge way [at least for me, I would like to use workflows - that's one point that got me to buying Hybrid over Classic - but I do not go above 200*C, so the web app is not good for this (and let's be honest it is sluggish and just bad...)]



  • I saw your post on reddit a while ago, and looked into it a bit then. Unfortunately, even though I had the app at one point on iOS it appears it's been completely removed from my account/download history now.

    The only version I can find publicly available online is 2.2.3 here (download at own risk, I have not decompiled and verified any code). Unfortunately I don't think that will help you with the functionality you're hoping for. Hopefully the web app will continue to improve. In the meantime I'll reach out to a few friends with the app and see if I can find a copy.

    Good luck!

  • @danielblakes

    Thank you for the answer. I actually successfully installed this IPA file but it is version before Hybrid update so unfortunately it did not help!

    I hope You will find somebody who will be able to help!

    I wish You a great week Bro ?

  • Recently I was at the Storz & Bickel site and they have an app for Android phones and a web app for iOS phones. For the iOS web app you’ll also need to install “Bluefy” a web BLE browser. I have an iPhone and the new Bluefy browser recognizes my Hybrid. I just have not actually used the web app quite yet in that I have not used it to actually vape yet. I’ve been playing with my new Terp Torch.

  • I have the app and it works with my hybrid let me look into downloading it, the link u posted is gone if your still interested let me know how I can do it. I have an iPhone 11 Pro

  • Hi Royalsteamer if you’re on a windows pc will need to use an older version of iTunes (iTunes 12.6.53 – the last version to support app sync.) should have transfer purchases option.

  • Is there any way to do this without a computer?? I have an iPhone 11 Pro and two iPads but no actual computer. I have 0 control of my crafty plus and this sucks!!!

  • @danielblakes

    Try app "Bluefy" and simply go to https://app.storz-bickel.com/ in it, it's not perfect but works fully with Crafty+ I believe!

  • Hi Royalsteame,

    I think this will work.

    get imazing here ima

  • Hi Royalsteamer,

    I think this will work.

    • get this application for WIN or Apple at imazing.com
    • In imazing, click Apps in left column and then right click on Stortz & ...

    Select - Extract App

    The file will have this extension .imazingapp

    Change it to a zip to look at it if you want

    Install on another iphone with imazing (guessing here) or 3uTools which I like

    Give us the file ;-)

  • As of last night bluefy was not working for me. I’m pretty pissed at Storz&Bickel yo be honest. When I bought my Crafty it wasn’t mentioned anywhere that this wouldn’t work with IOS and it was after Apple had taken down the app. I have a plenty as well, I love their products but I feel like I wasted my money on the Crafty+. I would have bought a Mighty if I had known the app was gone.

  • When I side load this file, the app immediately crashes when I try to open it. Any ideas why?

  • unfortunately it's likely that one of the many iOS updates of the last few years has broken this old version.

  • someone could modify this to run the webapp on ios X-) https://github.com/daphtdazz/WebBLE

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