New! Dr. Dabber Boost Evo released

Thinking of pulling the trigger on this one instead of puffco peak pro. Has anyone tried this one yet? I already have the switch and I love it.

They are offering 100.00 off if you have ever purchased regular boost or black edition boost. They emailed me a code. Site says to email them if you didn't receive 100 off discount code.


  • Yeah I been looking at it too, the 100 off is very tempting but I don't have a switch yet so I'm gonna wait, I'm just waiting for a credit for a boost black I returned then I'm ordering a switch. Wanted to see a decent review first from a proper vape reviewer. The first one about was some guy who normally combusts by the way he kept calling the vapour smoke. he didn't even use wax, he vaped some kind of clear mass produced gel. It was impossible to tell what its like other than it looks cool. The review didn't do dr dabber any favours as I am still completely ignorant of its dabbing capabilities.

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