What vapes do you regularly use now and if you were to buy a new vape what would it be?

I just wondering where we are going and to generate a little chat traffic on the forum. Right now I am altering between an E-Nano and an LSV, I am eyeing the Terp Torch because it looks adaptable and inexpensive enough to play around with.


  • I have a Terp Torch and I used it for many different things. I put in the ruby balls and changed all the preset temps. Then sat there for an evening and smoked a bunch to figure out what presets to use on different devices. I use the Torch on the bowl it comes with, on my Sticky Brick Maxx, Runt, and Flip, and with my Lotus. Once you get everything dialed in, it's a very versatile device. I also use my dynas/simrell, e-nano, and edge.

  • Glad you posted, I keep eyeing the Terp Torch but I have questions. Hope you don't mind a few, for example what is the load capacity and what is your take on the screen. TIA

  • I purchased a Terp Torch and it has put my other vapes out to pasture (my Mighty, Volcano, DynaVap Ti, Elev8R and Sticky Brick Maxx) for the time being. I’m looking forward to a new mod for the Terp Torch I purchased at DdaveMods. I expect delivery tomorrow 12/18/20. Here’s the link for the ddave mod:


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