Low temperature (335 Fahrenheit-350 F) vaping

I recall Troy and Jerry doing a video on low-temperature vaping with the new hybrid volcano. I can't find the video now, probably thanks to YouTube deletion, but I was hoping for any input from anyone that has experience this. Reportedly Troy and Jerry got toasted while demonstrating this.


  • I have a mighty and regularly start my sessions at 336, I turn the mighty on before i start grinding and loading so the bowl is nice and warm. First hit as big as you feel comfortable then use normally, If you really want a wild experience, I do this ocassionally.


    336 - 3-4 Inhales (until the flavor starts to go)

    366 - Ramp up the temperature for 3-4 more hits.

    392 - Finish off until youre done.

    410 - I need to go lay down.

  • I saw the Think Dank episode when they talked about this and I was inspired to try it. I had a very invigorating sesh on setting 5 on my Plenty. I got high but not slowed down as much. I saved the abv to throw in my DynaVap to help me sleep.

  • I use a CFC 2.0 and Vape 380 degrees Farenheit. The ABV comes out so brown I don't bother to save it. My main vape is a Vapecap m. This ABV comes a lot less dark and I save this for edibles.

  • start at 350 ish and then bump up to high on the micro. Seems like first one tastes better.

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