BEST and WORST online vape stores????

Who do you trust in this space? Where do you buy your vapes?

Also - the flip side. Which stores do you AVOID?? Why?


  • Oh you're all welcome and encouraged to drop links as well

  • I've had great service from Puffitup, POTV, and Vgoodiez. Fast shipping and great customer service from all of them.

  • Up here in Canada I prefer Great white north (sneaky pete) or the Herb cafe. I’ve had one good and one bad experience with POTV so I tend to just stick with the first 2 mentioned.

  • for UK peeps, i got lots of love for , great people

  • Puffitup, Cream City Vapes Sneaky Pete are my go tos.

  • I don't trust TVape shop cuz they only want to sell you their Utillian *any number*

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  • I don’t either after my Zeus Arc GT buy, ?‍♂️ The IQ would have been the better choice!

  • DynaVap. Still a benchmark in the weed vaping world.

  • Do you find Zeus Arc GT bad? I wanted to buy my first vape and i looked at this unit

  • Over Europe side I've had great luck with , , and ordering direct from

    Compared to North America, Europe has wayyyyy less options for shops and different vapes available.

  • I’m new so I’ve only bought from three, but they’ve all been great to work with. 1) Planet of the Vapes 2) Dynavap 3) Simrell Collection. I’m still waiting on my fing Brillant Cut! This is week four now. They did say 3-4 week wait time, but it looks more like it may be 5+. Bummer.

  • It was my first buy and I don’t like it, I really wanted to but don’t, draw is super restricted even after removing screen, I set it on the flavor settings( 365, 383, and 401 more cannabis frendily temps) and am disappointed in vapor production, taste was ok kinda silicone at first that kinda comes back if the unit gets hot, and no matter what I couldn’t really get a buzz even after back to back battery draining sessions. It seems like a great idea but I’d recommend the IQ even not trying that unit out over the Zeus imo

  • Two that come to mind immediately that also majorly contribute to the community are PuffitUp and DynaVap. If every company came even close to operating the way these guys do... not to leave anyone out there are several more out there.

  • Got my mighty stand from Sneaky Pete super fast and loved the candy too!

  • Sneaky Pete, POTV, PuffitUp, 420Science...

  • So far I've only bought my 6 vaporizers straight from the manufacturer.

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    @McJingleballs Any reason in particular that you prefer to go straight to the manufacturer? I only ask because my experience has been that I get my order faster when ordering from retailers (normally, there are of course exceptions).

  • PuffItUp and Sneaky Pete are my go to (both are fast and responsive). I’ve ordered directly from DynaVap (excellent service and fast shipping) and Boundless too. No bad experiences with any of them.

  • POTV & Puffitup haven't disappointed me so far. My top 2 go-to's when I order vape goods. Have also used GWNV aka Sneaky Pete and DynaVap. No problem with either. I think you can get an idea of how good a company is and that's when something goes wrong with your order. How quick is their response and will they do all they can to rectify the situation are clues to a company's integrity in dealing with their customers.

    you and do all they can to rectify

  • I have bought from Puff It Up, Planet of the Vapes, and direct from DynaVap and from Simrell. All are excellent Shops. I would think Sneaky Pete would also be good but have never used him although I watch his reviews.

  • BEST #1 Numero uno in the US is hands down I bought a crossing on Thursday around 4:30 pm and it shipped same day I had it in hand a day later.

  • I like ordering my Plenty accessories from S&B. They always include a 20% off card and it stacks with other discounts. If I was so inclined I could get a Hybrid from S&B for $448 but I’m satisfied with my Plent, Terp Torch, HydroBrick, 2020M, and my MFLB.

  • Agree for UK suggestions so far but I would add that Namaste and Everyonedoesit should be avoided I have always had terrible service from them. Another Store I've had good experience with is Ali bongo who are Great. Best price I've found for Dexso

  • i thinks vapordna and element vape are both good store, what do you think?

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