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Ghost MV1 Updated Mouthpiece & Heatsink Assembly

Last week I got to meet the Ghost team face to face at the Champs Tradeshow – the leading conference for 420 smoke and vape business.
I met with privately with Patrick and we discussed the past, present, and future of the Ghost brand and their line of products.

Ghost as a lot of talent on their team and they have some massively fantastic plans for the future. I can’t share everything we discussed, but Patrick did send me home with their new heatsink / mouthpiece assembly.

The updated heatsink and mouthpiece fits together like a champ. It’s considerably more difficult to take apart because the silicone seal is now VERY thick and rigid. The snap-together portion of the heatsink now makes a reassuring *CLICK* as it locks together

Perhaps the biggest improvement is how smoothly and easily the glass mouthpiece now moves within the heatsink. In previous versions, the glass mouthpiece sticks enough to naturally loosen the heatsink fitting and cause the MV1 to leak. The new version is smooth and resistance free, which means NO LEAKING.

Patrick also mentioned an upcoming firmware release that will further cut down on the high frequency squeal.

In the meantime, I’m impressed by the Ghost efforts. They’ve actively addressed all of the MV1 quirks and shortcomings I ranted about in my review. They’ve been active in the community and listening to the real users. They’ve put out new accessories and continue to innovate.

I’ll continue to report on the Ghost MV1 and the progress Ghost is making in the cannabis vape scene.

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  • Jack March 10, 2018, 1:10 am

    Does the heat sink stay in place under normal use? Seems like that thing always slipped up a bit causing leaking. It should snap in securely.

  • Chris April 1, 2018, 6:17 am

    Very cool. I’m impressed by how active you really are in the community.

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