How to use a Dry Herb VaporizerDry herb vaporizers aren’t quite as simple as smoking, at least not at first. But what’s lost in simplicity is gained back in effectiveness and efficiency.

Dry herb vapes extract more than twice the amount of THC and cannabinoids than any smoking method.

Dry herb vaporizers come in a variety of types and styles and each vape will have its own specifics.

Each dry herb vape has the same basic instruction:

  1. Load vape with dry herb/marijuana
  2. turn vape on / heat vape up
  3. inhale, exhale
  4. Enjoy your lunar visit

The Difference between Vapor and Smoke

how to use vaporizer - abv

This is what marijuana looks like after it’s been vaped.

When you smoke marijuana, every chemical in the plant material is either combusted (wasted) or turned into an absorbable smoke and vapor for your lungs. More than 65% of the THC and cannabinoids is destroyed when smoking marijuana.

Dry herb vaporizers do not destroy THC or cannabinoids. They don’t even destroy the dry herb!

Dry herb vapes extract 76% of cannabinoids. Smoking is closer to 30%

Dry herb vapes work by heating up the cannabis to release the cannabinoids into a vapor form. Each draw of your vaporizer pulls more and more THC and cannabinoids from your weed.

A single draw from a dry herb vaporizer is not as potent as a single draw of smoke; however, a dry herb vaporizer can vape on that same pinch of weed for several minutes and extract close to 90% of all the THC and cannabinoids.

How to Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen

Dry herb vape pens are a slightly different beast. Most of them are a crapshoot, honestly.

Many of the dry herb vape pens sold in head shops and by Snoop Dog are actually shitty combustion devices. You may get some vapor before the smoke, but it’s still smoke.

If your dry herb vape pen has visible coils of wire of ceramic, it’s time to toss it and get a real dry herb vape. But to make the best of it now, pack it tight with fine grind and try to keep the temp low by pulsing the power button.

How to use On-Demand Dry Herb Vaporizers

On-Demand vapes like the Ghost MV1, Firefly 2, and Firewood 5 are a special breed of dry herb vaporizer. These vapes are extremely quick to heat and only heat enough of your marijuana to produce one hit.

Whip it out. Take a quick hit. Put it away feeling higher than before.

Depending on your on-demand vaporizer, you may need to turn it on before using. On-demand convection vaporizers work best with a medium or coarse grind. Don’t pack your bowl too tightly! Convection needs to have a bit of airflow to vape your dry herb evenly.

On Demand vapes will serve up 2-10 hits per bowl, depending on your heat settings and taste preferences.

How to use a Session Vape

Session style dry herb vaporizers heat the weed up and give you vapor for several minutes, or even hours. The most popular dry herb vaporizers are session vapes like the Pax 3 and the Mighty.

To use an electronic or battery powered session vape, load it with your favorite dry herb and turn the device on.  Set your preferred temp and wait for it to heat up. Session vapes usually take 30-60 seconds to heat up. I like to turn them on before loading, that way the wait time blends with prep time.

Inhale vapor repeatedly. Don’t let it go to waste. Vape until it vapes no more.

When the flavor is gone, or past your preference, empty your vape out. The leftover material should be tan to dark brown – NOT BLACK.

Vaped marijuana is referred to as ABV – Already Been Vaped. The lamest sounding acronym ever. Also terrible for semantic findability.

You can reload your session vape and keep on vaping, or put it away and see where the first bowl takes you.

Session vapes usually use .1g to 1g of dry cannabis. Most of the handheld and portable dry herb vapes only hold .1-.15g.