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Irvine, CA bans medical marijuana dispensaries and deliveries

Back in January the Irvine, CA, city council met with a mission. The challenge? Make Irvine more boring and unattractive to millenials.  Sounds impossible right? Wrong. They went ahead and banned all commercial uses of marijuana. This includes cultivation, processing, dispensing – and even delivering.

Irvine banning dispensaries and cultivation is fine. I don’t think there were any dispensaries there – rent is insane in Irvine. Dispensaries are a literally a mile away, where rent is considerably cheaper. The only people cultivating are growing their own.

But DELIVERIES… This doesn’t just affect dispensaries – this affects citizens. Irvine residents will no longer be able to receive medical marijuana deliveries. They’ll be forced to drive somewhere outside of Irvine instead. Patients who don’t drive will need to Uber it, because they’re shit out of luck.

As other states move closer towards recreational legalization, Irvine, CA manages to take a couple steps backwards.

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