Sesh With Troy #1 – Randy from Puffitup

I’ve been wanting to launch a casual “Session Style” show for a few years, and now I finally have the fire under my ass to do so.

To kick off the show, my first guest is Randy from

Randy has been a longtime supporter of 420vapezone and absolutely instrumental in my online presence.

Randy owns and operates, which has been one of the most trusted online vaporizer stores since the beginning of online vaporizer stores.

Puffitup has the absolute fastest shipping around. Amazon fast. And their prices are also the lowest around and their customer service is top-notch.

In addition to being an all-around amazing store to shop from, Puffitup also only sells vaporizers that they would actually want to use.

Everything sold by Puffitup has been tried and tested by Randy and his team.

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