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Stoner EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit

The idea for a Marijuana EDC Kit came to me after reading a blog about making a survival Altoid tin. I liked the concept of having a Altoid kit with the essentials. My essentials were just a little different than what the survival expert was suggesting.

Supplies Needed

1x Superglue

2x Packs of Small Magnets

1x Altoid Tin

Marijuana Tin Content

  1. Tiny Knife
  2. Hemp Wick
  3. Boundless Brush
  4. Firefly Cleaning kit (stirrer/alcohol wipes)
  5. Firefly Brush
  6. Tweezers
  7. Roor Glass Tips
  8. 1 Gram of keef
  9. CFV loading funnel
  10. Altoid Tin/Pipe Cleaner
  11. Cleaning Tool (not pictured)
  12. Marijuana Pod (not pictured)

Boundless Brush – You don’t have to do the following step, but I found it made this brush fit a lot easier and allowed me to stick it to a metal surface freeing my hand. Simply grab a file and turn the round edge into a flat edge. Take a drop of super glue and place it on the newly flattened surface. Place a magnet on the super glue and let it dry.

Remarkably small, but packs a punch! Measuring at 3 inches from blade to handle. I mainly use it as a quick handy utility knife when I need to cut something quick… raisins, grapes, etc. Seriously though this little guy has helped me cut countless number of blunts and comes in very handy with scraping wax.

I like tossing a couple magnets on the sidewall for the tweezers to attach too.

With all these magnets inside your Altoids tin, be careful because your container will become magnetized. This won’t be a major issue unless you place it next to your hotel room key. We found this out the hard way one late evening.

I had extra magnets remaining so I decided to place a pipe cleaner to the top of my Altoid tin. Not only does it help minimize all the contents from moving around, it will also one day come in handy to unclog a pipe or vape when you’re in a remote location. At that moment you will look back to this moment and smile because the small effort put forth today paid off when you needed it most.




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  • jonathan March 24, 2017, 7:00 pm


    nice kit

    where did you get the knife from—thanks

  • jonathan March 24, 2017, 7:01 pm

    btw hope I didnt piss you off asking about the adapter- hate I can’t find one

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