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Boundless CFC Review – Coming Soon

boundless-cfc-300x225The Boundless CFC, or CF Compact, is an ultra portable conduction heated cannabis vaporizer. The CFC will be released early December, 2016.

The CFC is designed to be a budget friendly, ultra compact vape. It’s powered by a single 18650 battery that will power the device through FIFTEEN 4 minute sessions on a single charge.

The CFC will cost about $90 and will come with a 3-year warranty.
– Full temp control, 140F – 446F
– ~15 sessions on a single charge
– heats up in about 25 seconds
– isolated airpath
– ceramic conduction heated herb chamber
– 4 minute shutoff
– comes in black at launch, red, white, blue at a later date
– no haptic feedback
– OLED display with battery indicator, temp display
– display inverts for left handed users
– 3 year warranty
– single 18650 battery, 2500mAh, 3.2v
– charges in about 2 hours
– ranges from 355 – 430 (in 15 degree increments)
– Temperature Memory