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How to clean the Haze 3 vaporizer

The Haze 3 is a great conduction vaporizer with dual ovens. It rocks with dry herb and concentrates and it’s relatively easy to clean.

To clean the haze you will need:

– Isopropyl alcohol (preferably 90% or above)
– q-tips
– pipe cleaners
– paper towel
– small container for soaking mouthpiece and screens

Remove the battery so your vaporizer doesn’t turn on and heat up while cleaning.

Remove the mouthpiece and place it in your small container. Add enough alcohol to thoroughly cover the mouthpiece. Both the glass mouthpiece and the stainless steel mouthpiece are safe to soak in alcohol.

Remove the screens and place the screens in the alcohol soak.

Dip q-tips in the alcohol and gently scrub the ovens and the stainless steel pads under the oven lid. You can scrub the silicon surrounding the lid/pads, but do not soak in alcohol. This piece is easily removeable if needed. Do not fill the ovens with alcohol.

Dip more q-tips in alcohol to clean the switching mechanism and the airpath where the mouthpiece is placed.

Use the pipe cleaner to clean the airpath from both ovens as well as where the mouthpiece is placed.

Dry off the unit and ovens.

Scrub the screens and mouthpiece if needed.

Dry screens and mouthpiece.

Reassemble, put the battery back, let air dry for a minute or two.