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7 Things to Do When You’re Dankrupt

Break open the emergency stash

One of the smartest things you can ever do is set a bit of your stash aside for a rainy day. You won’t notice anything missing, and I promise you the day you ever need to use that emergency stash. You will be insanely grateful for having set it aside.

Vape instead of joints

There’s a pecking order when it comes to the efficiency of consuming THC from cannabis. In order from least efficient to most efficient: joints, pipes, bongs, vapes. There are two approaches on what to do with the last gram a person has. Some people choose to roll up a fat blunt, sprinkle some kief on it, and get super baked and finish the stash with a bang! The other approach is to take snaps (bong tokes consumed in 1 hit) or use vaporizers to make the weed last as long as possible. This is the utilitarian approach. Neither is wrong, but it usually comes down to a person’s mood and personality.

Take a T-Break

I imagine every stoner does this math after finishing their weed… how long did the weed last? This simple question forces a self-audit, which is a good time to determine if the 8th you bought lasted more than a day or two, that’s when some people decide to start a T-Break. A T-Break is basically taking a break from consuming cannabis in order to bring your tolerance levels down. The lower your tolerance, the higher you get from weed.  Here’s everything you need to know about tolerance breaks

Hit up friends

Some people will reach out to friends and drop hints about being dry. My friends and I have a much more… BLUNT (ba-dum-tssss) approach when one of us is dankrupt. We call one another and ask them to smoke us out. Just like in the Godfather, one day and that day may never come, the favor must be returned, no questions asked.

Smoke Resin

This one should be a last resort. We’ve all done it… meticulously scrape our heavily used pipe. Collecting the little balls of resin that fall like they were nuggets of gold. Depending on how dirty the pipe was, these little black nuggets can be combined to form a single cohesive blob that can get you a decent head change.

Search Your Car

If you have never put your face inches off the floor mat of your car looking for dropped nugs, you’re missing out on a goldmine. Years of watching episodes of cops has taught something, it’s that copsare experts of finding dropped or lost nugs.

Cops look for loose nugs in the following places:

  • glovebox
  • cupholders
  • door panel
  • center console
  • underneath the driver and passenger seat

Don’t let a cop find your lost weed for you. Doing so is like a double punch in the gut!

Scrape your grinder

Your grinder is a goldmine for hash, kief, and a decent amount of weed crumbs. Naturally, the longer you wait between scraping your grinder the better the payoff will be.

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